Monday 6/24 WOD at PCF

Mondays! Squats! I’m so sore and weak already from this crazy leg day, holy crow. I promise I’ll start adding more pictures with my posts soon, but I’ve just been so busy!


  • Back Squat 2-2-2-2: 125-125-125-125. Finally back to 125 again! I spoke with Erika about feeling like my squats are getting weaker, and she pointed out that I’ve leaned out a lot and upped my intensity (going really hard 3x a week every week) so I should try to get more protein and eat more. Oh darn, hate to hear that. Ha! These felt pretty good though.

WOD for Total Cal/Reps: 119 Rx!!!

4 Rounds of:

  • 1 Minute Row for Calories: Rx. 18-15-15-13.
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 1 Minute Thrusters for Reps: 45lbs, Rx. 18-15-13-12.
  • 1 Minute Rest

We did the exact WOD on January 21st of this year, but it was 3 rounds instead of 4. Looking back, this WOD was freaking terrible being 3 rounds, so I was a little worried about adding one more round! The last time we did this, I got 89 reps, with the rowing being 18-16-15, and the thrusters at 16-12-12, for the 3 rounds. I ended up getting 94 at the end of the third round today, so I killed my previous one!! I thought long and hard about the thrusters on this one. I wanted to go heavy, but was a little worried for my elbow. In the end, I decided to just go for it, and go for the Rx weight at a 45lb bar. The biggest issue I ended up having was with my left wrist getting fatigued! The rowing felt pretty good, but I was definitely ready to be done by the last round. I’ve never had my quads cramp up after a workout before today, so that was new..and awful! I could barely get up when I finished, and I couldn’t lift my arms above hip-level either. So crazy, but it felt so great.

And then I went home and had 34g of protein in unsweetened almond milk, and 17 more grams of protein in a shake with avocado, a handful of berries, chia seeds, flax seed, kale, bee pollen, pb2 (which is my new favorite thing ever), and a little bit of almond milk, and made a sweet potato, 2 huge chicken thighs, and half an avocado to take for lunch when I left for class. I am SO FULL RIGHT NOW. I’m going to have a 1/2lb ground beef/onions/mushrooms/peppers and a banana for dinner tonight. Maybe something else also that can give me a bit more protein. Nommm food!

Monday 1/21 WOD at PCF

I decided to go to the noon WOD today since I slept like crap and knew by 430 I would be facedown on the couch, not wanting to move. It was a huge class, since mostly everyone has off from work/school today. The energy was great, and everyone seemed very happy to have the day off. I love that a day off means still getting into crossfit, and going early, nonetheless. I love this community more than anything. Pr’d my 3rep max back squat, and added a whole TEN POUNDS to last week’s 4 sets of 3!


  • Squat 3-3-3-3: 115-115-115-115. PR’s across the board! Last week I did my four sets of 3 at 105, and a bonus set at 110. Going into the WOD today, I couldn’t remember if I had done all sets at 105 or 110, so I just said screw it and went for 115. And I killed it!! The last rep of the last set was the hardest I’ve EVER fought for a lift in my life. My partner, Beth, (who is a total beast, by the way, and extremely motivating) was yelling at me to push my knees out and to get it up, and holy crap, I didn’t think I was going to budge! But I freaking GOT IT. I fought for it, and I freaking got it. I wanted all four sets so badly and I did it. So damn happy.

WOD for Total Cal/Reps: 89 Rx!!!

3 Rounds of:

  • 1 Minute Row for Calories: Rx. 18-16-15
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 1 Minute Thrusters for Reps: 45lbs, Rx. 16-12-12
  • 1 Minute Rest

This was freaking terrrrrible, but so great! I partnered up with Beth for the WOD as well, and she convinced me to go as Rx with the 45lb bar. I definitely would have gone for the Level II at 35lbs if it wasn’t for her. She said “it’s going to feel awful either way,” which was very true, so I decided to just push up and go for maybe a few less reps per round with a higher weight. I am a little disappointed with my rowing, because usually when we do minute-long sprints with equal rest I’m able to stick to 17 or 16 calories each round, but I dipped down in the last round. I guess I just cooked my legs on the heavy thrusters! Also, new bag and shortssssss. Yayayayay! Also very happy to be consistently getting into the box again. I can’t wait for their new location to open only a mile down the road from where I live!

Wednesday 1/16 WOD at PCF

Today was amazing. Wonderful. Victorious. And…very sore. My quads are absolutely killing me from Monday’s WOD, but I decided that I needed to get my butt in there whether I liked it or not, because I really needed to work on my jerks and iron out last week’s issues. And man oh man, am I glad I did!!!


  • Jerk 1-1-1-1-1: (75-85-85-)85-90-90-95-95. This was absolutely amazing. Last week I was, for some reason, terrified of nailing myself in the jaw, and pulling my head way too far back out of the way, and throwing myself off balance. I could barely get 75 up, and failed trying to get 85 up. This week? No sweat. Let me just easily make it up to my previous 1RM for jerks, and feel like I could have gone up much more, had I the time. I put the first three singles in parentheses, because I literally through I’d be staying at 85, so I started counting my set of 5 there. Each one felt amazing, I drove my head through quickly and without hesitation, I was fast on my dip and drive, and all-in-all I did damn well, split jerking each rep. I wanted to get two sets of 95 in, and then really wanted to go for 100, but we ran out of time and I already pushed it with the last single. So happy to have my groove back. I don’t know what was going on previously.

WOD for Reps: 92

“Quarter Gone Bad”
5 Rounds of:

  • 15 Seconds Thrusters: 55lbs. Reps per round: 5-5-5-5-5.
  • 45 Seconds Rest
  • 15 Seconds Pull-ups: unassisted. Reps per round: 7-7-7-7-7.
  • 45 Seconds Rest
  • 15 Seconds BurpeesRx. Reps per round: 7-7-6-6-6.
  • 45 Seconds Rest

My rounds went 19-19-18-18-18. I can’t count, and wrote 102 on the board today. That’s twice this week I’ve added wrong, post-WOD. Dur. I’m pretty damn happy about this. The longer rest coupled with the explosive, short work periods really allowed me to go balls to the wall, and crush it every single time. My burpees slowed down, but I literally am not even sure how I was able to get 7 full burpees in the first two rounds. For the pullups, I definitely should have tried them with a little weight. Maybe a 5 or 10lb dumbbell between my legs. I was flying through them. I was able to get the first five unbroken every round, and the do the last two as singles. My rhythm was amazing, and I really worked on pushing away from the bar at the top. After the third round I stood there, mouth agape, because of how great my pullups felt. It was awesome. The thrusters were awful, and if my legs weren’t so sore (so sore that I almost didn’t go workout today!!) I would have attempted 65lbs, but 55 kept me in the range of reps that we were supposed to be hitting per round, and I was consistent. Man, this whole workout was so great, and I’m so happy I ended up going!!

I can’t even explain how elated I am about the jerks. It really bummed me out that I was having such weird form issues, because I’m usually really technically proficient, but just lacking the strength to go heavier. But this was all form! So, phew, very happy to not have to deal with that anymore. Also, the box announced the re-opening/re-location of their new sister-box, Potomac Crossfit! It’s exactly one mile from where I live, a 3 minute bike ride, or quick 15 minute walk. I can’t wait for it to open in May!!!

Monday 12/3 WOD at PCF

Man, last week was a total failure, and this one isn’t looking too great either. It’s the last two weeks of classes before finals, so professors are loading us up with impossible projects, papers, presentations, and exams. I’ve been up to my ears with homework and studying, which has me stressed out and not sleeping well. I almost copped out last night, but it was squat day and I love squat day, so I decided to take the hour+ to go and I’m SO glad I did. I hit a lot of really freaking awesome highs, and I was having a totally awful day, so it definitely brought my spirits up.

First of all, the first part of our warmup was 5 minutes of Double Under practice. On my first go of spinning the rope, I felt really good. I mean really good. I felt like I had my rhythm down, and could really keep it up. I freaking busted out 50 DOUBLE UNDERS IN A ROW. That is a PR by about 20 reps. It was ridiculous!!! I was so excited as I hit 48..49..DON’T LOSE IT…50!!! I couldn’t believe that. SO GREAT.


  • Squat 5-5-5: 105-105-105-110(3 then failed). We might have actually done 4 sets of 5 at 105, but I’m not sure. After last week, I really wanted to focus on my form instead of increasing the weight, since I was using way too much back to come out of the bottom. The last set of 5 felt so great I decided to try a set of 5 at 110. After the third rep I caved, and I knew I had a hell of a leg WOD coming up directly following this, so I decided to ditch and call that it. I’m amazed how easy the sets of 105 felt this week.

WOD for Time: 14:59

3 Rounds of:

  • Run 400m: Rx.
  • 11 Thrusters55lbs. Rx weight, Level II- reps.
  • 10 Pull-upsunassisted. Level II reps.

You could name this WOD something like “A Recipe to Turn Your Body to Jello.” A few great things happened during this. First, as we were getting set up, I hopped up on the pull-up bar to bust out a few and see how I was feeling, and get my rhythm going. I did two or three kipping, and then, out of nowhere, I fell into a butterfly kip. And I freaking did three beautiful, coordinated, effortless, perfectly-butterfly-kipped pull-ups. And then I couldn’t do any more to save my life. But I did them. Now to start getting some muscle memory going on those bad boys. It was amazing. The motion felt so good.

Then, I asked Brian if it was better to go heavy with less reps or lighter with full reps, and he said that for me, he was definitely looking to see me do heavier weight with lower reps. He wasn’t worried about me not getting the intensity level with a few extra reps, and really wanted to see me push for more weight. I’m SO GLAD I took his advice. I dropped the Level II reps from 15 to 11. And let me tell you, every round I almost backed out of that last rep. Almost. It was the perfect amount.

And the running was AWESOME. I was in the front of the pack in the first 400m, felt a little sluggish on the second, but was still passing people, and on the third I freaking killed it, and felt amazing. A lady who I completely look up to and use as my white rabbit to chase almost every 430pm class I make it in to came up to me at the end and said something about me killing it, and how I pulled ahead of her on the pull-ups and running every round. I was an incredible athlete’s white rabbit tonight!! That was the best boost ever!

#flexfriday badmorning

#flexfriday from last week, and Monday’s “I’m having a bad morning already” picture.

The moral of this story is the following: sometimes you have bad days, and sometimes you don’t sleep, and sometimes people get you down, and sometimes people just don’t understand, and sometimes they understand more than you could ever imagine. But in the end, all you have is yourself and you are the most important person in your own life, so do what makes you happiest and push yourself to your absolute limits to achieve this. You will love yourself more and more and more with every single push of striving for perfection, no matter what aspect of your life you’re pushing for.

Wednesday 11/14 WOD at PCF

There has been more going on in my life than I would like to admit, but between school and everything else, I have been the busiest I’ve been in what seems like a year. I’m also still having the same sleeping issues, and that is causing me to suffer greatly, especially with motivation. I am looking forward to this break for Thanksgiving, and even more to getting back into Crossfit Carteret down in NC while I’m away. It will be nice to reset by the ocean for a few days.


  • Jerk 1-1-1-1: 85-90(f)-85-85-85. My speed under the bar was really good, but I wasn’t getting a direct line of upward force. I think I didn’t have the bar racked close enough to my neck in the starting position, so it was floating out a little when I’d jerk up. But the last two felt really good and strong, and I think if I had tried 90 again at the end I would have been fine. I C&J’d 95 about a month ago, so I blame the forever exhaustion I feel.

WOD for Time: 12:23

  • 10 Thrusters55lbs
  • 10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups: First 6 unassisted!!!! Then ~20lbs assisted with band.
  • 20 Thrusters: 35lbs.
  • 20 Pull-upsUnassisted.
  • 30 Thrusters 35lbs.
  • 30 Assisted Pull-ups: ~20lbs assisted, with band. They were awful at this point.

This was wild! The 30 thrusters at the end were the worst part. Thrusters are just so awful in general, but that is a LOT for the end of a workout. I liked the increasing ladder with decreasing weight, but it was a killer, especially since my legs were still sore from Monday’s squats.

Tomorrow we have squats and “Grace,”so I’ll inevitably be spending the rest of the night trying to figure out what weight I should use. Forever overthinking.

Wednesday 10/24 WOD at PCF

Today was my first day back at Crossfit in two weeks. First getting slammed with sickness, and then Tough Mudder this past weekend; I’ve been having a tough time getting in there this month. Today was good though. I took it as easy as I could make myself (which wasn’t very easy at all, actually) and am glad I decided to go, in spite of all the homework I have to finish up tonight.


  • Jerk 1-1-1-1-1: 85-85-85-85-85. This is the part where I kind of took it easy. I can clean&jerk more than that, but it’s been a while since I jerked (and since I worked out last) so I kept it pretty light and focused on form. I felt pretty solid up until the last one, where I really pushed my chest out and got all wobbly in my back. Recovered and completed the lift, but it was anything but pretty.

WOD for Time: 7:50

5 Rounds of:

  • 4 Thrusters55lbs. Level I weight, Rx reps. Kept it lightish so I wouldn’t over-do it on my first day back.
  • 6 Pull-upsunassisted. Level II.
  • 10 Games’ Standard Box Jumps20″ Level II. (Great video with Matt Chan)

This was a great one to get back in the box with. Max effort across the board, short amount of rest, really ass-kicking. The thrusters weren’t as awful as they’ve been in the past, probably due to light weight and low reps. The pull-ups felt awesome, and I’m still beyond thrilled that I can do pretty much every WOD with them unassisted now. I was limited by my grip pretty heavily though, since I haven’t been doing any heavy lifting for the past two weeks. And the box jumps were box jumps, with the mindset of “just get through them so you can be done.” On the third to last rep of the last round I totally missed the box and came down weird on my left leg. It feels like I over-stretched a muscle on the outer edge of my shin/calf? It just feels kind of weak now, but not painful. I was able to catch myself before completely falling, so that’s always a plus. I’d really like to start working on cycling box jumps at this height. It’s hard to remember to rest at the top!

It felt so good to get back in there. Sometimes when you miss a few classes, the thought of going again can cause a little anxiety. I was definitely feeling this today, and almost skipped out. Glad I didn’t. I feel great. I just had a lovely bath to rest my sore muscles. Lush and lavender epsom salts for the absolute win.

Wednesday 9/26 WOD at PCF

Today was press day. After last week’s poor performance, I tried desperately not to psych myself out about it, in either direction. On one hand, I felt as if I could absolutely crush it, and hit new PRs, since I’ve been working on pushing stuff all week since. But on the other hand, I was worried that since I didn’t get in as many reps overhead last week that I’d have a hard time getting 55 up again this week as well. I tried to keep a very neutral mind, truly being “okay” with whatever numbers I was going to put up.


  • Strict Press 1-1-1-1-1: 57.5(PR!!)-60(f)-57.5-57.5-57.5-57.5. I’ll take that. I think I got in my head about the 60lbs, thinking “omg, that’s 3lbs away from being half my bodyweight.” I’m hoping that when we do the CFT this weekend I’ll be able to hit 60. We have 3 tries, so I’ll be sure to get a 57.5 in, just incase I can’t get to 60. But the last two 57.5’s weren’t terribly difficult to get up. So hell yes. New PR, and  back on track. I’m still going to work on all of the pressing stuff, especially with tomorrow being a rest(aka school) day.

WOD for Time: 12:22


  • Row 1000m: 4:15, which is a big fat :13 second PR on my 1000m row!!!!
  • 40 Thrusters35lbs, Rx weight, scaled reps (down from Rx at 50)
  • 30 Pull-upsone thin band for assistance, Rx reps, scaled for assist. (Really great video linked, breaking down kipping.)

This WOD was nuts. Probably one of my least favorites, to date. I underestimated how cooked my legs were going to be from the row, so the thrusters were pretty awful, but manageable broken up into 4 sets of 10. And the pull-ups…even though I did a WOD this week (or last week? I can’t remember) that had 10 pull-ups per round for 3 rounds that I did unassisted, that’s very different for me than doing 30 in a row. I did the first couple unassisted and then jumped on a band and could barely get sets of 4 from then on. My elbow is still a little sore from yesterday’s snatches, which I think I determined was from not having a wide enough grip.

#sorryimnotsorry flexing for the camera.

I’m pretty happy that my strength improvements are physically showing on my body, as well as my weights/times at the box. Look at my triceps bulging! But when it comes down to it, I’m exponentially more proud that I was able to press 57.5lbs overhead after the failure I had last week, and that I PR’d my rowing time, and that I am so close to being able to yet another WOD as Rx’d. Also, blogs without pictures are boring, and this helps me document my numerical and physical gains, as well. But seriously guys, so excited about that 2.5lbs PR on the press. That’s about a 5% gain! Wacky. Fingers crossed for 60lbs this weekend!


Thursday 7/26 WOD at PCF and Yoga!


  • Clean and Jerk 2-2-2-1-1-1: 80-80-80-85-85-90. YES. 90lb CLEAN AND JERK! Holy crap I will be so excited when I have another lift above 100lbs! I can’t even believe this line up, after only getting 85 up once last week and then failing! Progress is so great. I am so thrilled with my lifting performance today, and I didn’t even smash the bar on my sternum bone. My form and technique are improving, and it feels amazing. This shit works.

WOD: 11:54

3 Rounds for Time of:

  • Run 400m
  • 15 Thrusters35lbs.
  • Rest 1 Minute

WODs with programmed rest always sneak up and kick my butt. I think “oh, it won’t be too bad, I have a whole minute to rest between rounds!” Well, that minute goes by in a heartbeat, and all of a sudden it’s time to get going again, just as hard as before. I actually think I’m more beat up after workouts with programmed rest, because I push way harder right after the rest is finished, pretending that I’ve fully recovered from the previous round, when I’m really still just as exhausted. This WOD actually ended up being really disappointing for me. I was all high on my horse feeling amazing from the c&js, and then this crushed me. I sprinted the first 400m, and then couldn’t even do 5 unbroken thrusters at 42lbs, which was the Level 1 weight. My legs were complete jello. Oh, in case you aren’t in the Northern Virginia area, it was 102 degrees outside today. I have a hard time running in general, but in the heat it’s just plain sad. I had to drop down to the 35lb bar, which still absolutely destroyed me. I was one of the last few to finish, but I finished strong. This WOD sucked and definitely reminded me how much further I have to go in my fitness journey.


  • Yoga with Tyler!

We went and did a yoga class at Tyler’s gym directly after I got home from Crossfit. I had just enough time to jump in a freezing cold shower to rinse off and cool down, and then we were out the door. I swear, during the first 10 minutes I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it the whole time. My shoulders and quads were screaming at me, and at one point I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get out of a stretch without hurting myself. It was so so so great to get back into a yoga class though, even though I felt like crap from having just been beaten at Crossfit. I hope that once the weather gets a little cooler I can get back into doing more hot yoga again. But holy crow am I sore already from this day.

Friday 7/20 WOD at PCF

Patriot is going to start doing rope climbs in every warmup on Fridays now! Best news! I love rope climbs!! So excited about this. I’m still using the wrap-and-stomp technique, but I think I’m getting ballsy enough to try some other ways. Climbing up the pole over and over again at dance class really gives me a leg up with these.


EMOTM for 10 minutes of:

Ehhhhh maybe went a little too light on the deadlifts. I’d say about half of the rounds felt too light, and half of them felt just right, which means I probably could have thrown another 5-10lbs on. Again, I’m really liking this volume/strength circuit the box is doing lately!! I asked the trainer what he thought about my transitions, and if he thought that I should just work on my strict pullups since I don’t have those unassisted yet. He watched me do one and said it looked awesome and to focus on them. I feel like I really have a good grasp of what the motion of a muscle up is supposed to feel like, but refuse to try until I have strict ring dips on lock without assistance.

WOD: 7:56

5 Rounds for Time of:

  • 5 Thrusters42lbs. Thrusters are awesome. I love to hate them, because they feel sooo bad while doing them, but are such an amazing compound movement.
  • 10 Bastards: My favorite variation of the burpee. It makes a huuuuge difference to not have to open the hips completely up at the top and jump to clap overhead.

I really enjoyed this WOD! I’m not going to lie, I had a 35lb bar on standby in case the 42 was too much. Since I’m smallish, even 7lbs makes a huge difference. But I stuck with 42 the whole time and focused on being explosive through my hips and keeping my elbows up, after the trainer came by in the first round and yelled at me to keep my elbows up and the bar higher on my shoulders. What a difference that made! Again, yet another thing that is a fundamental for the movement, (front squats, in this case) that just needed to be repeated to me in the moment to get my head back on straight!

I actually felt way stronger than I did yesterday, and I totally give that to getting a solid 8.5 hrs of sleep last night. I love not having class on Fridays! I will be off the grid tomorrow as Tyler and I are going mine hunting for rock samples (crazy geologist boyfriend) and then camping for the night somewhere, and on Sunday I’ll be visiting my lovely grandmother for a few hours. I should be back in action Sunday evening! Hopefully I’ll see at least some of you tonight at the So You Think You Can Pole Dance competition I posted about yesterday!

Oh! One last thing! The views and comments and follows and messages I’ve gotten about the blog are completely overwhelming. Thank you all for your amazing support and for reading about my experiences!!! If you guys ever have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask!!!