Wednesday 4/2 WOD at PCF

What? April? Already?  It’s already a quarter of the way through 2014. I don’t know when that happened, but at least it’s finally starting to be nice outside. And you know what that means. PCF is rolling out the running WODs. UghDouble ugh. Today was the perfect day for it though! I definitely didn’t have enough to eat today and don’t get much sleep last night, so today was a #justshowup day. The strength was bleh, but I felt really great about the WOD.


  • Snatch 3-3-3-3: 65-55-55-55-55-55-55. I didn’t have it in me to increase weights, so I stayed light and did a million sets. Shoulder started bothering me in the last set, so I rolled around on a lacrosse ball for a while to loosen it back up.

WOD for Time: 15:05

3 Rounds of:

  • 10 Deadlifts: 135lbs, Level II.
  • 30 Wallballs: 8lbs to 10′, Level II
  • Run 400m: Rx.

These were definitely the largest sets of bodyweight deadlifts I’ve ever done in a WOD, but they were definitely manageable. I did them unbroken in the first round, 6-4 the second, and 7-3 the third. I was steady on the wallballs at 10-10-10 every round, and they were easy peasey compared to the 14lb to 9′ ones from the Open! I broke them up anyway because I didn’t want to burn out my legs before the running. And the running was great, surprisingly! I picked people to pace myself with for the running, so I would keep moving. I ran out the door for the last 400m at 13:08, and my goal was to get back in before 15:15 because I was hurting. Hot damn, I was hauling ass apparently, because I came in way faster than I thought I’d be! And then I collapsed and couldn’t breathe and was 100% sure I was dying. I’m going to be out of town Friday, so I’m going to wake my sore ass up early tomorrow and kill a morning WOD with the 9:30 crew tomorrow!

Wednesday 10/23 WOD at PCF

A week from tomorrow is Halloween! How is that even possible?!?! I need to figure out a costume…and moreso than that…something to actually do. Ugh. Planning is hard. Sleeping is also hard, because my dog is the worst. One of these days I’m going to fall asleep right when I lay down, and actually sleep through the night, and get up feeling great, and not want to kick my dog in the head for keeping me up all night/waking me up multiple times throughout the night. And that day will be a wonderful, amazing, glorious day. Anyway, I’m going to make some butternut squash soup and a sweet potato for dinner, knock out some homework, and take a bath. Today needs to be over!


  • Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1: 105-105-105(f on jerk)-105-95. I am being hard on myself about this. I should be freaking dancing like mad for hitting 105×3, when I could only get it once two weeks ago. But my brain is dumb and is making me feel bad about not getting 5 full singles at 105. Which is almost an unreasonable request, and I know this. Eh. Oh well. Next time.

WOD for Rounds+Reps: 6+8

15 Minute AMRAP of:

  • 7 Ring Dips: assisted, Level I. Mehhh.
  • 7 Dumbbell Squat Cleans: 25lbs, Level II. Perfect weight.
  • Run 200m: Rx. Sooooo sloooowwwww.

I don’t know why this was so particularly awful. I guess it was how frequent the running was? But on the 3 or 4 round-ers with 400m runs I feel like I can move way faster than I was moving today. Holy crap. My lungs were working way overtime, and my legs were jelly from the squat cleans. Ring dips weren’t too bad, but I can still feel it in my shoulders and triceps already. And then at the end I tasted copper and felt like I was going to pass out. Very weird day. I don’t usually ever feel like that at the end, but I didn’t sleep well last night and didn’t have enough food today, so I’m assuming that combination screwed me. I guess going by that it’s pretty amazing I hit 105 on even a few c&js.

Wednesday 10/16 WOD at PCF

Holy smokes!!! What a WOD! I love these chipper WODs, where once you do the whole set of reps for one movement, you’re finished with it. I also really liked the idea of increasing weights throughout the WOD. This was just all around really cool. I greatly enjoyed it.


  • Clean and Jerk 2-2-2-2: 95-95-95-95(-95 bonus!). These felt pretty damn great. The cleans were surprisingly easy, which is usually what I feel the most limited by. I am feeling pretty confident with my c&js lately.

WOD for Time: 14:56

  • 30 Overhead Lunges: 35lbs, Rx.
  • 20 Pull-ups: Level II.
  • 10 Squat Snatches: 35lbs, Level I-ish (Level II weight was 55lbs..that just wasn’t happening.)
  • Run 600m: Rx.
  • 10 Jerks: 75lbs, Level II.
  • 20 Hang Power Cleans: 75lbs, Level II.
  • 30 Wallballs: 8lbs to 10′, Level II.

Alllllllmost true Level II. If the snatches had been power snatches, I could have easily done 55lbs. But I’m just not in practice enough to do the technical element of the squat snatch. It’s crazy though. I really could feel my strength on this WOD. Things I thought were going to suck (ahem, lunges, jerks) weren’t bad at all. I also got a set of 7 pullups in, which is maybe a PR? I’m not sure. Anyway, I felt strong and awesome and fast during this WOD (minus the running) and yeah. I love today’s box day.

Wednesday 9/18 WOD at PCF


  • Clean and Jerk 3-3-3-3: 85-85-85-85. I felt really weak on the first two sets. Erika had watched the first two reps of the second set, and pointed out that when I was power cleaning, I didn’t move my feet at all, which caused me to jump backwards a little because of instability. She had me drill shooting my feet outwards as I whipped my elbows around, to give me a more firm base, and then I did the third rep of that set. Holy CRAP. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I can’t even begin to explain how invaluable of a coach Erika is for me. Last time, she pointed out that I spent so long setting up the first rep in sets of 3, and then rushed through the last two reps, causing sloppy form and bad/missed reps. She encouraged me to take my time with the setup of each rep, and it made a huge difference. Today, she corrected my form from “starting in my starting position and finishing in my start position” to “starting in my starting position and ending in an end position.” And the last two sets of 3 after that were complete CAKE. I felt like I was doing almost no weight. It was insane. I am still blown away by it!

WOD for Time: 13:08 Rx!


3 Rounds of:

  • Run 400m: Rx.
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings: 35lbs, American swing, Rx.
  • 12 Pull-Ups: Rx.

First Helen, and I did it Rx’d! I’m so stoked. It took me a while because I felt semi-sick going into the workout today, but I’m so proud of myself for doing this as prescribed. Especially since it’s only been a little more than 6 months since I broke and dislocated my elbow doing pull-ups. Holy cow. That’s wild. So proud of myself.

Monday 8/20 WOD at CFC

Ahhh, the beach. Some much needed relaxation time…and the longest WODs evarrrrr. Crossfit Carteret is awesome. I love the people, I love the atmosphere, but I don’t love doing 45 minute long workouts, thus why I never go to Saturdays at Patriot back home (specified Hero WOD days). But, I know that it’s good to switch it up and surprise my body here and there, and that’s why I never let myself bitch out of working out down here.

WOD for Time: 34:47


  • Run 1 mile with Medicine Ball: 800m w/14lb ball, Rx weight, scaled distance
  • 60 Burpee Pull Ups: Rx.
  • Run 800m with Med Ball: 400m, Rx weight, scaled distance
  • 30 Burpee Pull Ups: Rx.
  • Run 400m with Med Ball: Rx.
  • 15 Burpee Pull Ups: Rx.
  • 45 Minute time cap

There were three reasons why I scaled this. First of all, I have never done a weighted run before, aside from doing a farmers carry for 200m. These were runs. I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to do, and I wanted to run the WHOLE time. Secondly, I wanted the finish within the time cap. I really wanted the chance to do all 105 burpee pullups, and I knew I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I had done the full runs. And finally and probably most importantly, I’ve noticed that when running for anything longer than 600m my elbow starts to get a little crampy. I use my arms a lot when I run, and I think the impact along with the constant flexing of my elbow just causes things to lock up and not feel too great. So I was worried about how that would affect my burpee pullups.

Overall, I’m super happy with my performance. My running was slowish, but consistent and steady throughout. My burpee pullups were also pretty slow, but eh. I tore the snot out of my hands halfway through the 30 round, so that severely slowed me down. They are feeling rough today ha.

Also, I met a 230lb dog this weekend.

Also, I met a 230lb therapy dog this weekend. The end!

Friday 8/16 WOD at PCF

Decided to get a quick WOD in before heading to the beach on Friday. Turned out to be a horrible idea, because the drive took forever long and I was stuck in traffic for most of the day trying to get down here since I left later than usual. But I’m here now! And I finally have a free second to update from the past few days!


EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:

  • 2 Back Squats: 105lbs.
  • 2 Ring Dips: assisted, but with the least assistance I’ve used lately! So awesome! Finally getting them back!

WOD for Time: 13:27

3 Rounds of:

  • Run 400m: Rx.
  • 12 Deadlifts: 110lbs, Level II-.
  • 21 Box Jumps: 20″, Rx.

Running is dumb. This was leg day times a million, and holy crap my back was not happy sitting in the car for 7+ hours almost directly following this. My legs were crampy the whole drive, but I stretched out once I got here and felt better almost immediately.

Wednesday 8/6 WOD at PCF


  • Clean and Jerk 3-2-2-1-1-1: 80-85-85-90-95-100(PR!!!!!). YES! YESSSSSSS! Yes. Yes. 100lb c&j. I can’t even begin to explain how excited that makes me!!!!!! The set of 3 at 80 and the first set of 2 at 85 both felt super sketchy, but then I fell into my rhythm. This morning, an amazing olympic lifter named Kendrick Farris (kendrickjfarris on IG, go follow now plz) posted an image on instagram with elbow cues for both the clean and jerk: “up and in,” and “down and out,” respectively. And for some reason, that just clicked with me. I remembered on the second set of 85, and from then on, each rep felt SO GOOD. I got nervous going into the 100lb jerk and almost lost it, but was able to reel it back in and complete the lift. GAH I can’t even explain how awesome this it, and now I don’t have a mental block for triple digit c&j’s anymore!!! Yayayayayay!

WOD for Time: 12:55

4 Rounds of:

  • Run 400m: Rx.
  • 20 Russian KB Swings: 53lbs, Level II.

There was nothing fun about this. Simple, yet effective. I really thought I was going to crush this, but..well yeah. My legs were much more unstable than I thought they’d be going into the runs after the KB swings. They were like jello! I’m pretty sure on the 3rd and 4th rounds I could have been speedwalking faster than I was “running.” I also ate too much for breakfast today, and really felt sluggish from the get-go. Oh well, I stayed within the time that we were supposed to be in for this (10-13ish minutes, says Erika) and finished I think third in the class, maybe second. I think I am too hard on myself most days. Anyway, YAY! PR!

19714314ff8a11e28d0b22000aaa0532_7Stay turned this week for a post on the greatest, most amazing, incredible, best new thing in the history of ever that has actually successfully made me sleep/feel like a morning person for the first time in my entire life, and how I know it’s really working (spoiler alert, I ran out of it after a month, and can no longer sleep/wake up at all/how did I live this way for so long?!?!).

Wednesday 7/24 WOD at PCF

Whew! Today was pretty rough. I got some really great sleep, but this WOD knocked everything out of me! I came home, ate, showered, and passed out for about an hour. It was rough, but I really liked it!


  • Clean and Jerk 1RM: 95(f)-95-95(f)-95(f). I wanted to get at least three good reps at 95 before trying to get 97.5 or 100. But today that just wasn’t going to happen. Oh well. I guess it truly is my 1 rep max then haha.

WOD for Time: 15:52

3 Rounds of:

  • Run 400m: Rx.
  • Rest 1 Minute
  • 15 Shoulder to Overhead: 55lbs, Level II.
  • 10 Pull-Ups: Level II.
  • Rest 1 Minute

Everything got smoked from this! Shoulders, lats, arms, legs. Just everything. The rest allowed me to run a little harder each round, and to go all out and do all of the shoulder-to-overheads unbroken. I couldn’t get a good grip on the pull-up bar today, so I was limited to mainly sets of 4 and 3. But they did feel good. I definitely could have done the Rx weight of 65lbs if I had broken them into sets of 8 and 7, but I wanted to go unbroken. My first run took me 1:43, and I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever run a 400m. So that’s pretty awesome!

Wednesday 6/19 WOD at PCF

Gahhhh today. Today today today. Lots of weaknesses exposed today.


  • Clean and Jerk 2-2-2-2: 75-75-75-75(-75 Bonus set). All were squat clean/split jerk. I’m having a really hard time with bar placement in my left hand for the jerk. Cleans are fine and easy and feel great, even the front rack position feels good. But adjusting the bar into the meaty part of my palm with it still resting on my shoulder rack is pretty much impossible right now. It’s getting closer (I think? Maybe? Wishful thinking?) but most of the time it ends up hovering, and then I have zero propulsion from the dip/drive on that side and end up having to press out at the top. I haven’t ever squat cleaned that much though, so that’s pretty rad.

WOD for Time: 12:11

5 Rounds of:

  • 1 Squat Clean: 75lbs.
  • 2 Front Squats: 75lbs.
  • 3 Deadlifts: 75lbs.
  • 4 Bastards: Rx.
  • 200m Run: Rx.
  • 1 Minute Rest

Weakness exposed. I am scared of squat cleans. I don’t know why, but man, I would rather do power cleans all damn day than do 2 squat cleans, and I’m not sure why. But today I forced myself to do them in the strength portion, and then did them in the metcon. I feel like I definitely could have done more weight, but I freaked myself out over the SCs so I just stuck at 75. Eh. Now I have something to work on, I guess. They did feel good though, and I feel like I’m slowly building my confidence in them. The deadlifts and bastards were easy, and I was hauling ass on the runs. Some people posted up sub-10 minutes, and I just have no idea how that’s even possible. I felt like I was flying through this, and still ended up with 12 minutes! I guess my first two runs were a little too leisurely. The last three I realized how good I still felt, and sprinted them. Still though, that’s just insanely fast.

I’m going to try to hit up a hot yoga class tomorrow morning. It all depends on how I sleep tonight, but hopefully it’ll be soundly and wonderfully, and yoga will be super great. Fingers crossed! Need more mobility!