Tuesday 1/29 WOD and Thursday 1/31 Strength at GMU

I did a lot of different moves the past two workouts. I want to get this posted, and if I spend the time to link everything..well, I’ll give up and never post it. So I’m just going to post it without the video descriptors! I promise to be back to the normal format soon! Also hopefully back into actual Crossfit. Being sick and extremely sore have both destroyed my routine this week!


It seems like whenever I write about going to Crossfit the next day, I never end up going! I woke up in the morning on Monday and I felt absolutely awful and sluggish. I had my class, and slept for pretty much the rest of the day. I made up for it the next day though!!


  • Squat 2-2-2-2: 120-120-120-120. Ehhhhhhhh. Some of these weren’t quite to full, below-parallel depth. I swear, squatting (or any lifting, for that matter) in front of a mirror at the gym is the WORST. I focus so much on watching my form that I psych myself out. “This is so heavy. Omg. You’re getting so low. Omg. Stop. You’re going to have to ditch the weight if you go lower, look how much you’re struggling already.” Pretty much my brain in front of the mirror, every time. But I did them, and they felt pretty good, and I’m confident that next week I’ll hit this for sure.

EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:

  • 2 Hang Power Snatch: 55lbs. Felt strong and steady. Didn’t have to break any sets.
  • 10 ABMAT Situps: Mothereffin’ raspberry on my tailbone from this. Ugh. There has to be a better way.

This was tiring.

WOD for Time: 11:53

5 Rounds of:

  • 12 Alternating Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch: 30lbs, Level II
  • 12 Alternating Leg Suitcase Carry Dumbbell Lunge: 30lbs, Level II
  • 15 Double Unders: Level II.

This WOD was pretty great, all around. I got all weird right before I started and decided I was only going to do 3 rounds. Then I got to round 3 and I decided to do one more. And then I got to round 4 and decided I was just going to do all 5. Ha. This is why I NEED crossfit. The lunges were death and my double unders were eh, but single arm snatches felt incredible. On the DUs I couldn’t get my rhythm going right. 3 rounds were unbroken, the other two were 10-3-2’ish, but I felt like I was expelling too much energy the whole time. I also warmed up with 5 minutes of solid double under practice, and my freaking calves are still in knots from all the jumping. Ow. I spent more time resting after the double unders too. Neeeeed the pressure of actually being in crossfit!


  • 75 GHDs. Favorite. Forever.



As previously mentioned, my calves. They are dying. I really need to remember to roll them out more before/after doing lots of jumping, because for some reason they lock up so badly after any plyo WODs. I really wanted to go to crossfit Wednesday, but I was still feeling quite under the weather, the raspberry on my butt hurt, and I could barely walk due to my calves. I rested up and got back into the gym today for a light-ish workout. I was jumpy on caffeine, still feeling slightly sick/sore, and pretty tired. Didn’t preform as well as I would have liked, but eh. I just wasn’t all there today. I was all over the place and didn’t get an actual WOD in, but at least I got some good strength work in.


  • Jerk 2-2-2-2: 85-90-90-90(f on second)-85(f on second). Well. That escalated (or…deteriorated..) quickly. I think I started watching myself in the mirror too much and over-thinking it. I need to start lifting with my back to the mirrors. Would that be weird? Probably.
  • Hang Power Snatch 2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1: 55lbs. Form and explosive work. Had a few really bad reps. Was really off today.
  • 6 Rounds of: 1 Hang Power Snatch into 5 Overhead Squats: 50lbs. These felt good. I mean really good. Probably because the weight was so light, but I just felt on point and balanced and tight and great.
  • 1 set of 10 Hang Power Cleans: 45lbs. Don’t really know why I did these. I guess my plan was to go heavier, but then someone came up and asked to use the oly platform so I just moved on.
  • 50 Alternating Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch: 35lbs. THIS IS A BIG DEAL, YOU GUYS. Just in the beginning of December I tried using the 35lb dumbbell for these. Nope. Couldn’t do it. Could barely even do the 30lb, and failed almost every rep on my left side. On Tuesday I used the 30lb DB in the WOD for this movement, and they felt just really great. Today, I wanted to try the 35 and go until I couldn’t anymore, but taking appropriate rest. I literally could have done these ALL DAMN DAY. I was explosive and strong and my grip was on point and everything felt so great. I think working on the hang power snatch has really helped me use my hips in that nice triple extension to help pop the weight up there. A few of these almost got away from me at the top, even!
  • 50 American Kettlebell Swings (overhead): 35lbs. I really wanted to finish with GHDs again, but there was a guy on there who was doing the stupid plate transfer from side to side, and he looked like he was going to do it forever. This was a good decision though, because my abs are still sore from Tuesday’s GHDs!

I’m so damn happy with how my back/shoulders/traps are filling out. My tummy looks a little soft in that picture, and I’m totally okay with it. It’s weird. It’s as if the fat in my stomach has redistributed  itself, so instead of being a little pouch at the bottom, it’s a thinner, more uniform softness over the entire thing. WHICH IS EXCELLENT. I don’t care about softness all over, and I know I talk a lot about not trying to lose weight, but damn did I want that weird little pouch gone. I stood in front of the mirror tonight after dinner, when I was getting into my pjs and I smiled so big and thought to myself “I am SO HAPPY with how I look right now.” And then I just couldn’t stop smiling, because, holy shit, it just keeps getting better. I get stronger and stronger, and happier and happier. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I was using the 35lb dumbbell today for the snatches. Or doing 150 Russian KB swings with the 53lb KB WHAT that is insane. Progress is the best. BEST. Motivator. Ever.

Sunday 1/27 WOD at PCF

Sunday Funday WOD! I’m beginning to really enjoy Sunday WODs. I’m not looking forward to how sore my butt and hammies are going to be going into tomorrow’s squats, rowing, and box jumps though! Tore my hands today…so the rowing will be extra suck.


  • Press 3-3-3-3: 57.5-57.5-57.5-57.5(f on 3rd rep)-55. 3RM PR! I’m damn happy about this. Last time we did 1RM for strict press was for the Crossfit Total back in the end of September/beginning of October. My 1RM was 57.5. Heck yes. I am pretty happy about being able to almost do all 4 sets of 3 at that weight!!! Even just being able to get ONE set of 3 would have been amazing. I was getting a little bit of an extension in my back on the last two sets, and knew I had kettlebell destruction coming up, so I just backed down to 55 and finished the last set at that. I’ve been wanting to try strict pressing again for a while, but have been too nervous to actually follow through for fear of not being able to get 57.5 up at ALL. But I did it, and now I have a good baseline starting point, and heck yeah. Good day.


WOD for Time: 9:00

Oh man, this was great!! I remember hitting 75 and going “holy crap…that’s only halfway!!!” I probably only totaled 20 seconds of rest throughout this entire WOD. I went completely balls out. My burpees were slow, and I kind of used them as active rest because my shoulders were already wrecked from the heavy presses and I couldn’t go as fast as I usually do with them. But every minute, as soon as I picked up the kettlebell I would not put it down until it was time for the burpees at the top of the next minute, and go right into them. What little rest I took was between the burpees and the swings, but it was very, very short. I think I’m at the point where I’d be able to do a few American KB swings with the 53lb KB now, and that is super exciting. Progress is great. Nothing better than seeing positive results, especially since I’ve been off my eating game this week with school starting again. Tomorrow is a new day!

Friday 12/7 and Monday 12/10 WODs at PCF

Ugh I feel like such a slacker, even though I’m still getting in crossfit twice a week and dance once a week. It’s not like I’m actually slacking, I’m just not able to get in as often as I’d like. I knew winter was going to be difficult, but it’s reached a whole new level with trying to balance finals as well. Friday’s WOD was amazing though.

Friday 12/7:


EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:

  • 2 Overhead Squats (from racks): 55lbs.
  • 2 Ring Dipsone band for assistance, held as loosely as possible. This was awesome! I’m getting so much stronger with my ring dips.

WOD for Time: 6:16

3 Rounds of:

  • 9 Deadlifts145-135-135. Level II for first round, decided my back was going to die if I did the next two rounds at 145. Thankfully I planned and was able to strip 5lbs off each side very quickly.
  • 12 Box JumpsRx height, Level II reps. Felt absolutely awesome.
  • 15 Push-ups: knees, still. Ugh. Rx reps, Level freaking I scaling. One of these days I’ll be able to do more than 5 pushups without snaking up like a wet noodle.

I LOVED this. I hope we get to revisit this in the future sometime. I hadn’t deadlifted since we did the CFT back in the summer, so I was a little worried about how my back would fare. I am so glad that I took the weight down by 10lbs for the last two rounds, because I am still SO sore and it’s now Monday. Not like, painful sore, just worked out sore. So great. I love deadlifting. I was able to be super quick and efficient with the box jumps, which made up for my awful push-ups.

Monday 12/10:


  • Squat 3-3-3-3: 105-105-105-105. My back is still sore and a little weak from last Friday’s deadlifts, so I couldn’t stabilize myself well enough to go heavier. A little bit of a bummer, but I guess I could consider this a back-off week. I was all excited to do this at 110 or 115. Oh well. Next week!

WOD for Reps: 231

8 Rounds of:

  • 30 Seconds of Russian Kettlebell Swings35lbs, Rx weight, Level II scaling to Russian.
  • 30 Seconds of Rest: Rx.
  • 30 Seconds of Wallballs8lbs to 10′, Level II 
  • 30 Seconds of Rest: Rx.

This was terrible! But great! I kept up a really good pace, and only fell a little short around rounds 5 and 6. I kept the KB swings Russian, since, again, my back. It’s ruined me this week! But I’ve been making huge gains and everything is so great in my workout world and I just love crossfit so much.

Lats on lats on lats.

Friday 10/5 WOD at PCF and Sick Sick Sick.

Well, I woke up on Saturday morning feeling like complete crap. I felt like I was hit by a bus, and couldn’t stop coughing. Friday night I was planning on going to Crossfit Saturday morning to do Fight Gone Bad, which is one of the WODs that I love to hate. That’s how good I was feeling Friday night! Needless to say, I didn’t end up going. Yesterday morning it moved into my chest, so I went to CVS’ Minute Clinic to get checked out. Turns out I have both bronchitis and strep throat! Lucky me. So I guess I won’t be going to Crossfit for a few days, making sure I’m up to par, health-wise, before I put myself under stress again. That totally sucks, because there have been awesome WODs popping up for PCF this week. Bah! I picked up some feel-good foods while waiting for my ‘scrips to be filled, and I’m not even worried about it. I needed some comfort food, and they were delicious. Well, here’s Friday’s WOD, because I was too tired afterwards to post this!



EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:

  • 2 Deadlifts135lbs. Probably could have gone up by 5lbs, but man they got heavy around the 8th round.
  • 2 Handstand Negativesstuck with 2 for all 10 rounds. Felt way stronger than the previous weeks.

WOD for Time: 11:53

3 Rounds of:

  • Run 400m: Rx. Actually was able to use this as an active rest time. Such a great breakthrough.
  • 21 Russian KB Swings53lbs. Level II. I love using the heavier KB. So much butt and leg action.
  • 10 Ring Dipsone thin yellow band for assistance! Level II reps, Level I scaling. Damn you, ring dips. I’m getting better though!

I’m so happy that for the first time ever I was able to have the running be used for its purpose: active rest. My arms and butt were so toasted from the KB and dips, so when the running came it was such a relief. I’ve never felt like that from running before!! This shit really works. The KB swings were great, and the ring dips were..ring dips. 10 is a lot of ring dips in a row.

Ugh I can’t wait to not be sick and to get the eff back into PCF. Of course, this would happen as soon as I restarted my monthly membership. Oh well, in the mean time I’ll keep doing push-ups, pull-ups, and drinking lots of water at home.

Tuesday 9/18 WOD at PCF

Oh man oh man oh man. So much greatness so far this week. I’ve been feeling burned out with dance class. On Monday night, I nailed a couple moves that I haven’t been able to get, and I felt really confident throughout the entire class. I’m hoping this wasn’t just a one-time thing. I even got the Jade Split! It didn’t feel like I was completely opened up, but I got it on video and I’m actually way closer to a full split than it felt like I was. Pretty much exactly this:


But I’m just so happy that class went well, I don’t even care that it wasn’t fully open. I held it, and then I came home and did it on my pole at home to show Tyler! I stupidly took the video sideways, so if I can figure out a way to flip it I might post it sometime…maybe..probably not.

Then today at Crossfit I used the 53lbs kettlebell for the first time!!!!! And did all 30 of the pull-ups unassisted!!!


EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:

  • 2 Power Snatch55lbs. Y.E.S. A few were sketchy and I had two fails, but I redid the reps and felt awesome.
  • 2 Handstand Negatives: Basically the starting point for the handstand push-up. You kick up into a handstand, and then slowly lower yourself down until your head touches the ground (or the abmat, in my case, so I didn’t slam my head into the ground when I got tired). The last 3 rounds were excruciating.

WOD for Time: 6:59

3 Rounds of:

  • 21 Russian Kettlebell Swings53lbs, Level II. First time using the 53lb KB!! It was great! Each round I did all 21 unbroken. It definitely wasn’t as hard as I was expecting it to be. A couple of my swings came up well past eye-level. I’m excited to try to use it more now!!!
  • 10 Pull-upsLevel II. I did all 30 pull-ups unassisted. And every rep counted. I’m so happy about this! I also tore the daylights out of my palms on the second round (picture below), so that slowed me down on the last round. But my time was right where the elite-elites’ were, so my scaling was perfect (down from 15 reps as Rx). I went about 4-2-3-1 for all three rounds, AND was able to cycle my kipping perfectly without any extra energy expense. 30 pull-ups is a lot for someone who just recently developed the strength to do them. I’m so happy.
  • Rest 1 Minute: Rx, boss.


My power snatch was 5lbs higher than last week, I used the 53lb KB for the first time, and I did all pull-ups unassisted, even though I had a band set up on stand-by, incase I couldn’t hang. But I did. And I did awesome. Couldn’t be more impressed with my performance today and last night, especially since I haven’t really been feeling 100% health-wise this week.

Tuesday 8/21 WOD at PCF

I’m back!! The second of the two camping trips was amazing, even though the weather was cold and rainy most of the time. We had a blast, and somehow kept up a fairly good diet the whole time. Eggs and bacon for breakfasts, fruit and nut butter or protein bars for lunches, and kabobs or turkey burgers for dinners. There was lots of snacking throughout the day as well, but I’m pretty amazed how well we all did with keeping our food on point while on the top of a mountain for four days. We had wanted to try running at such a high elevation to give our lungs a workout, but with all of the rain and crappy weather we never got around to it. Definitely on our to-do list for next year’s trip up there!


EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:

  • Snatch (about 60-70% of 1rep max): 50lbs. I tried 55lbs right before we started and it felt a little off, so I backed down, but I think that was because I wasn’t warmed up enough. I felt strong and steady the whole way through.
  • Ring Dips: Used two thin bands for assistance, but held them looser than usual to give less resistance. Almost ready to drop down to one!

WOD for Time: 12:17 Rx

Ps. Abs. Fist pump.

Rx!!! Yes!!! I hung with the big boys&girls today. I was about a minute behind some of the top athletes at our gym, and I can’t be more proud of that!!! Being able to do workouts as prescribed is the best feeling. I just need to get more confident and strong with my oly lifts and I’ll be up there. I hope to be doing everything at least Level II by December, with more Rx’s speckled through. I love progress. For the strength portion, the snatches felt great, and ring dips were strong and steady. Maybe could have stuck at 55lbs for the snatches, as said previously, but after taking my little break for the camping trips I was worried about my endurance and strength. Thankfully, it didn’t feel like I’d backtracked in either! As for the WOD, I did both sets of KB swings and sit-ups completely unbroken, and ran straight through both runs. I have such a hard time getting out of my head while running, and constantly feel sorry for how awful I feel. I really focused on my breathing this time though, and was able to sprint the final 200m of the 400m run. Felt freaking great. I have Tyler to thank for getting my ass out of the house and to the box today. I definitely would have skipped out if it wasn’t for him. Sometimes it’s hard to #justshowup, especially after a little break. So thank you, Tyler, for helping me Rx this WOD by making me actually go!!

Tough Mudder is only 18 days away! Time to kick it up a notch and supplement my WODs by adding extra running! Eek!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding and Tuesday 8/7 WOD at PCF

Today has been such an exhausting day!!! The weather was dreary and rainy to start off with, but we went swimming in the ocean and pool anyway, just to say we did it. The clouds finally started to clear around noon, so we rented some stand-up paddle-boards and went and explored some marshes and the sound for a couple hours. It was extremely relaxing, but a great workout at the same time! It was our first times on SUP boards, and I’m going to go ahead and guess that it won’t be the last, because we loved it. I have a few really awesome pictures to post, but I will save that for another day. We came home, and headed almost straight to Crossfit Carteret for an insanely challenging WOD.


  • Back Squat (15 Minutes to Establish a new 1 RM): 110lbs. PR. I had some kind of a mental block against 115 though. I desperately wanted to get to 120 today, but I couldn’t even get to 115 after about 5 tries. I can do two sets of 3 squats at 100lbs after lots of prior squatting, but couldn’t get 115 once today. Oh well! Next time!

Then 7 Minute EMOTM of:

  • 3 Back Squats with ~45% of new 1 RM (bar stays on your back the entire time): 50lbs. This was so evil. Todd and Rhonda, if you are reading this, you two are pure evil (the best kind!!). Holding the weighted bar for that long worked every single muscle in my back, shoulders, legs, arms, and neck. Even with easy weight, that was still just…awful. I secretly love this programming though, because it was so different and extremely mentally challenging.

WOD for Time: 8:05

21-15-9 of:

Tire flips!!!! First time! They were so much fun and easy to get super angry at. I feel like I was able to stay extremely pumped up throughout this WOD because of them, and had a great time yelling as I was flipping. I think they tie with rope climbs for my favorite movement. I wish I knew the exact weight of the tire I was flipping, but it was  enough to be pretty damn difficult. Our group went in two heats and Tyler and I were able to yell words of encouragement at each other, which was so great.

It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow, so who knows what kind of fun we’ll get into next!

Tuesday 7/24 WOD at PCF

I think I am going to go ahead and blame the past few days (and probably the following few as well) on my womanhood. I’m exhausted beyond words, even though I’m still getting about 9 hours of sleep every night, have an overall blah feeling and mentality, and I gave into temptation and ate about 3/4 of a cup of steamed rice today, which I immediately and still regret. I got home from class and tried to study, ended up falling asleep face down in my notebook, and woke up just long enough to set my alarm for an hour, when I had to leave for Crossfit. Even though I feel crappy, the important thing is that I got into the box and worked my ass off.


EMOTM for 10 Minutes of

  • 1 Hang Squat Snatch (about 60-70% of 1rep max): 32lbs. Should have gone heavier (I’m sensing a trend with these EMOTM volume trainings…note to self GO HEAVIER than you think you should go!!!!) but I haven’t worked my squat snatch in months and have no idea what my 1rep max is.
  • 1 Overhead Squat32lbs. Same as above, but replace “squat snatch” with “overhead squat.” I felt strong and steady the whole way through, but could have done more.
  • 4 Toes-to-Bar: Unbroken. Still need to work on getting these strung together with a kip and less swinging at the bottom.

I definitely could have gone heavier, but looking back, I think it would have worn me out before the metcon. 45lbs would probably have been safe, but eh, can’t change it now. The hang squat snatch and OHS look like this when put together (except we only did one OHS, whereas this guy does three).

WOD: 8:07


I really enjoyed this one. The metcons recently all seem to have these three movements in them somehow, which is totally awesome because I desperately want to improve on all three. My hands got sweaty from the ring dips (which are getting way better, but still far from being unassisted) and I kept worrying I was going to launch the kettlebell at the woman in front of me, so I broke up the 15 and 9 sets to re-grip halfway through. The wallballs felt like I was shooting the ball as absolutely high and hard as I could, but still barely made the 10ft target each rep. I think maybe a total of 5 were at about 9ft, but that was close enough for me today.

Honestly, I’m just glad that I even made it in there. I didn’t go heavy enough on the hang squat snatch/OHS compound, I wasn’t extremely strict on the target height for my wallballs, and I couldn’t do all of my kettlebel swings unbroken, but gawtdamit, I got into the box and I worked out and that is more than I used to be able to say when I’d PMS in the past.

I also had the absolute honor of working out next to Erika, my favorite trainer in the world. Erika is about a million weeks pregnant now, and is still completely crushing WODs. Her kettlebell swings were 53lbs, unassisted ring dips, and 14lb wallballs. The woman is a complete power house, even while being pregnant. Seriously, if there was a strategically-placed tree branch or something in front of her midsection, you would NEVER be able to tell that she is a million months pregnant. It is so inspiring to watch her give it her all, and still dominate the WODs Rx’d. If I can get to the point where my performance is half as impressive as hers while she’s freaking pregnant, I will be the happiest lady in all the land. One day at a time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Wednesday 7/11 WOD at PCF

By the way, definitely had 7.11oz of free slurpee today in honor of 7/11. It was an awesome cheat and I have no regrets. I’ve eaten very well for the day/week and went to Crossfit today, so I’m not worried about it at all, and am actually happy I indulged. Take that, world! As long as it doesn’t become a habit, I am all about wisely-programmed cheattreats and rewards. In the wise words of Christmas Abbott: “I have to have my reward.  If I eat well all week, I get my cupcake on Friday.  That is how I operate.” Love it!


  • Strict Press 5-5-5-5: 35-45-50(4)-50(3)-45. Lucky me, two days in a row of strength movements I strongly dislike! I could not get up to 5 reps at 50lbs. My shoulders are so gassed from yesterday’s push presses and single arm snatches, so I’m hoping next week to get 50 up and maybe even 55. Ambitious, but definitely possible!

WOD: 11:17

21-18-15-12-9 for time of:

Have I explained that kind of WOD yet? It’s usually “21-15-9” but someone accidentally-on-purpose added an extra 18+12 reps in there. You start with the first movement, KB swings in this case, and do 21 reps. Then move to the second, air squats, and do 21 reps. Finish with 21 reps of the push press. Then, you move back to the KB swings and do 18 reps, 18 air squats, 18 push presses, and keep going until you’ve done the last set of 9 reps of each.
Or, if you’re awesome like me and totally can’t keep track of your shit during a workout, you end up doing the 12 round twice. Yes, I did that. I didn’t realize it until the very end of the push presses when I realized “hey, last round I did two sets of 6 also..and 12 KBs..and 12 air squats..SHIT.” But I really wanted to finish out by doing the 9 round, so I just went for it and decided that the extra round wouldn’t kill me. And it didn’t, yay!
The KB swings were awesome and I did every set unbroken, all to full extension. The air squats were air squats and I really focused on not letting my knees buckle in towards the center when I got tired, which is a really bad habit I have that gave me knee pain last time I did them (none from today, yay again!). The push presses felt really easy throughout the workout, mainly because I was really driving the weight up super hard every time, but now my traps and shoulders are smokedddd. I think I could have added another 5lbs, but right as I had that thought the clock started. Great workout and hoping I won’t be too sore to go tomorrow as well. 
Bonus! Post-WOD sweatyface!

Rest Week and Friday 7/6 WOD at PCF

I decided to take some time off to let my calves/possible shin splints cool off a little bit. It seems like every WOD I did while at the beach included either double unders or running, so they have been feeling extra-strained. That, coupled with the holiday yesterday and wanting to spend all of my free time with my man after being away for so long, made for the perfect rest period that flew by. I’m aware of the slight soreness in my left inner calf after doing things as simple as climbing stairs or walking for longer than 5 minutes at a time, so I have a feeling that side is going to be a problem.

I went into Patriot Crossfit in Arlington today, and got a chance to talk to my favorite trainer, Erika, about my shins. She said that the location I’m having issues with is due to double unders, and to just be smart about it and we can work around them in the upcoming week or so. Also, she said to be careful with the lunges in today’s WOD, and to consider doing them at bodyweight instead of with a 35lb kettlebell, as prescribed. This was a hard decision, because I knew that I am capable of doing them with the KB, but in the warmup we did lunges with a 35lb bar racked on our back and that felt slightly nasty on my calves once I started to get a little tired.


Work up to one heavy set of 5 deadlifts, adding 5-10lbs from last week: 135lbs. I could not get 140 off the ground, let alone my normal 5rep max of 145, to save my life. Disappointing, but after a week of rest and almost 2 weeks from doing any deadlifts at all, I guess it’s not too surprising. Hoping by next week I’ll be back to 145, and by the following I’ll be able to push up to 150.

WOD for Time: 10:48

  • 1000m Row
  • 50 35lb KB Lunges
  • 50 35lb KB Swings

That was my first time rowing 1000m! I kept a very steady pace and was extremely pleased with how good I felt once I hit 750m, and powered through the last 250m with no problem. My rowing form has improved exponentially and I don’t hate it anymore! Yay! I finished the row in 4:28, which is really awesome and I’m super proud of that. I started the lunges with the kettlebell and after the first 5 my left leg started aching. I briefly considered dropping down to a 20lb dumbell, but decided that I should listen to Erika and just go body weight. They were still rough and my legs feel completely toasted, but I’m still a little bitter I didn’t go for it. Then, I moved onto my first time doing full American KB swings at 35lbs since hurting my back. I did the first 25 in that style, then dropped down to Russians for the last 25, really focusing on speed bringing the kettlebell back down. I figured that it would be better to not go balls out and try to do 50 unbroken American KB swings my first time back at them, for fear of injury again, but I’m very pleased that I was able to knock out both sets of 25 unbroken. This workout was up and down, but I had a lot of small victories so I can’t let the small disappointments bring me down!!