Monday 11/18 WOD at PCF

I was really buzzing on my coffee from this afternoon (…that I drank at noon today…zero caffeine tolerance, right here) so I was feeling pretty excited to get in there and kill some squats. Little did I know today was going to leave me completely wrecked. I’m going to need a wheelchair tomorrow! Most epic of leg days. Thankful for CrossFit, life coach Erika, and my Monday night squat buddy Sarah for helping start this week on the right foot.


  • Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3: 135-135-135(f on last, but epic PR nonetheless)-115-115. So, the last time we did sets of 3, it was 3×3, and I BARELY made 115 for all three. So this was freaking crazy for me. I’m pretty happy with accomplishing that, even though it wasn’t for all 5 sets. That’s a lot of squats.

WOD for Time: 11:39. DFL again.

21-15-9 of:

  • DB Ground to Overhead (2 DBs): 25lbsLevel II.
  • Burpees: Rx.
  • Goblet Squat: 25lbs, Level II+.

Although I finished dead effing last again, I’m actually really proud of this. I definitely pushed myself incredibly hard, especially after my “defeat” on Friday, which wasn’t much of a defeat looking back on it. I was just in a stupid headspace. But today I did all of the g2o’s in a single swing motion, almost like a double dumbbell snatch/KB swing hybrid. Took a toll on my back, but my wrists are still bruised and sore from the squat cleans Friday so clean and jerking just wasn’t an option today. Dumbbell workouts have been my enemies lately, and I love that. Going to keep pushing myself super hard. Was definitely yelling…a lot…today, which is very uncommon for me. Needed that extra umpf. Woo happy Monday!

Wednesday 8/28 WOD at PCF

Today! What a crazy day! Still trying to adjust to my first week of the new semester, so I haven’t quite figured out time management yet. I headed to the 430pm class, and there were only 4 of us! Apparently yesterday was one of the worst workouts anyone has ever done, so they think a lot of people took today as a mandatory rest day. I am also still SO INCREDIBLY SORE from Monday, so I don’t even know how people were able to get in both Monday and yesterday. Today was a short and sweet  WOD. I enjoyed it.


  • Clean and Jerk 3-3-3-3: 85-90-90-90. PR! Not only have I never done a set of 3 at 85 (I don’t think..) but I definitely have never hit 3 at 90lbs. So stoked. I worked on dropping low under the jerk into a good solid split, and making sure to spend the time to reset well between each rep/not rush it.

WOD for Rounds+Reps: 5+0

5 Minute AMRAP of:

  • 5 Dumbbell Ground to Overhead: 2x 25lb DBs, Level II.
  • 5 Dumbbell Burpee Deadlifts: 2x 25lb DBs, Level II.

I wanted 5 rounds, and I got my 5. No more, no less! I’ll take that. Was slightly worried about the stability of my left arm, but there was no issue. My back is going to be feeling spicy tomorrow!