Slow, Sleepy Day.

Today was so lame! I am completely exhausted from my workout yesterday evening, and still so sore. This is probably the most sore that I’ve felt in the past few months, and I have no clue why. It seems like everyone was super exhausted in dance today, so at least I wasn’t the only sluggish one. I’m hoping I’ll feel better tomorrow, because it is a hell of a WOD. It’ll be a fun one (it’s a 21-15-9 and I love any form of those) but not if I’m as exhausted as I am right now.

Here’s some stills I captured from the videos I took last week. Descending Angel with different leg placement, and Bow. Nothing too fancy, but I’ll eventually get a video pieced together with these in it. They’re way more impressive in motion! Time for sleep!

Dance from Monday 7/9

I don’t have much to preface these photos with! Everything that I could possibly say about my experience with dancing is already written in my FAQ & Info¬†under the “Fitness Background” section. Dancing means a lot to me, and was a huge part of me “coming into my own skin,” so to speak. I’ve been dancing weekly with the same ladies for a year and a half now (holy crap!) and I never leave class without a smile on my face. I was having a particularly non-sticky night on Monday and I was only able to get these pictures before getting frustrated, but I’m hoping to start setting up my camera for videos again so I’ll have something more to post. Stills really do dancing absolutely no justice!

I’m heading to Crossfit at 4:30, so expect a post about that later! Enjoy!

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