Monday 12/30 WOD at PCF

Holy majoly. The last month and a half really threw me for a loop. Finals, end of semester, holidays, oof. Zero time and/or motivation, and excessive traveling. Bad combination. I was really down on myself about it, until I went back last night and was talking to a friend about it and she said “look, in the long run, what is one missed month? You’re here now. That’s what matters.” And that’s true. It’s so easy to get down on yourself for missing workouts, when in reality, it doesn’t really matter too much as long as you get back on track. Last WOD of 2013!!


  • Back Squat 1-1-1-1: 125-125-125-125(-125 Bonus). This is SO LIGHT for singles for me. But they felt heavy as hell, and it has been three weeks since I squatted. I needed to take it easy, and I’m glad I did because I am in a world of hurt today from it. Only up from here.

WOD for Weight: 55lbs x4

4 Rounds of:

  • 7 Power Cleans
  • 7 Front Squats
  • 7 Jerks
  • 7 Back Squats
  • 7 Back Rack Lunges

* This is a complex – do not put the bar down or rest on the ground during the round.
** Work up to the heaviest weight possible, rest as necessary between rounds.

I started at 55lbs, and wanted to do 55lbs x2, 65lbs x2. I felt like that was a realistic goal. Ha. On the last two rounds I was at failure on the lunges (got stuck in the bottom a few times but somehow made it out) and I had to drop the bar between the front squats and the jerks because my elbow was killing me. This was a pretty terrible workout. If it had been 5s or 3s, it would have been nothing. But 7 reps is a lot, and I have definitely lost a lot of muscle endurance over the last month. I really need to work on doing more high-reps of movements. Bahhh. Least favorite. I had a few girls there yelling at me through the last round, which really helped. I was actually ready to quit and take the DNF, but they got me through it. So great.

Friday 9/13 WOD at PCF


E2MOT2M for 10 Minutes of:

  • 3 Overhead Squats: 55lbs.
  • 3 Ring Dips: assisted. We had the option to do either ring dips or pull-ups (if we couldn’t do muscle ups) and I feel like we haven’t done a lot of ring dips lately. Felt really tight in the chest on these, but overall felt strong.

WOD for Rounds+Reps: 3+4

AMRAP 10 Minutes of:

  • 10 Clean and Jerks: 55lbs, Level II.
  • 10 Lunges: 55lbs, Level II.
  • 10 Back Squats: 55lbs, Level II.
  • 4 Burpee penalty every time the bar touches the ground (aside from c&j touch-and-go): 8 burpees total.

It was amazing how much I wanted to throw the bar on the ground and rest through this. I was not expecting that in just 10 minutes. This was fairly heavy for me, and I’m super proud I stuck with this weight the whole way through. The lunges were by far the limiting factor. I did back rack lunges, which we haven’t done in a really long time. My butt is so sore.