Monday 8/20 WOD at CFC

Ahhh, the beach. Some much needed relaxation time…and the longest WODs evarrrrr. Crossfit Carteret is awesome. I love the people, I love the atmosphere, but I don’t love doing 45 minute long workouts, thus why I never go to Saturdays at Patriot back home (specified Hero WOD days). But, I know that it’s good to switch it up and surprise my body here and there, and that’s why I never let myself bitch out of working out down here.

WOD for Time: 34:47


  • Run 1 mile with Medicine Ball: 800m w/14lb ball, Rx weight, scaled distance
  • 60 Burpee Pull Ups: Rx.
  • Run 800m with Med Ball: 400m, Rx weight, scaled distance
  • 30 Burpee Pull Ups: Rx.
  • Run 400m with Med Ball: Rx.
  • 15 Burpee Pull Ups: Rx.
  • 45 Minute time cap

There were three reasons why I scaled this. First of all, I have never done a weighted run before, aside from doing a farmers carry for 200m. These were runs. I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to do, and I wanted to run the WHOLE time. Secondly, I wanted the finish within the time cap. I really wanted the chance to do all 105 burpee pullups, and I knew I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I had done the full runs. And finally and probably most importantly, I’ve noticed that when running for anything longer than 600m my elbow starts to get a little crampy. I use my arms a lot when I run, and I think the impact along with the constant flexing of my elbow just causes things to lock up and not feel too great. So I was worried about how that would affect my burpee pullups.

Overall, I’m super happy with my performance. My running was slowish, but consistent and steady throughout. My burpee pullups were also pretty slow, but eh. I tore the snot out of my hands halfway through the 30 round, so that severely slowed me down. They are feeling rough today ha.

Also, I met a 230lb dog this weekend.

Also, I met a 230lb therapy dog this weekend. The end!

Friday 7/12 WOD at PCF

Today was a glorious day! I have been sleeping amazingly, thanks to a new supplement I’ve started taking before bed, but I want to save talking about that for another post and after a solid week at least of taking it. I felt strong and in tune with my body today, and had a great workout thanks to that.


EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:

  • 2 Deadlifts: 135lbs.
  • 2 Burpee Pull-Ups.

WOD for Time: 8:17…ish.

5 Rounds of:

  • 5 Clean and Jerk: 65lbs, Level I.
  • 30 Double Unders: Rx.

I can’t remember what my exact time was, but it was under nine minutes and over 8. Somewhere near 8:17 I think? I had two rounds of completely unbroken DUs, and the other three I got up to 26 before a mess-up. Pretty awesome. Today was a good double under day, for sure. I’m very proud of myself for doing the clean and jerks at 65lbs. On Monday we essentially did c&js, with front squats between them, and I dropped down to 55lbs, which was lower than the Level I weight of 65. I was worried about the volume. But I did those just fine in the end, so I decided to jump to 65 today and I’m so glad I did! I split jerked every rep, which took less pressure off of my elbow at the dip-drive initiation.

So excited for the weekend of rest. I’m going to my grandma’s for the weekend, so I might miss Monday’s WOD depending on what time I get home. I love my family.

Friday June 7th WOD at PCF

I ended up grabbing a last minute tattoo appointment in the morning on Wednesday, so I missed my normal Wednesday WOD. Squeezed an early one in on Friday morning!


7 Minute Partner AMRAP: 41

  • 1 Burpee Pull-Up. Alternate partners, only one partner works at a time.

Totally different strength circuit today. It was a fun change-up from the normal EMOTMs and heavy sets. Plus I got to partner up with Alison, who used to be a trainer at our box before she moved to Maine. It was really great to see her again. She was right there when I started crossfit and I’m pretty sure I moved over to “team Erika” only once she left.

WOD for Time: 5:58


  • Deadlifts: 125lbs, Level II.
  • Box Jumps: 20″, Level II.

This is actually Event 5 for the 2013 Regionals! Of course though, scaled. I can’t even imagine doing 45 reps at 185lbs. I think I could probably pull off….one? Maybe? Haha. I was very proud of my performance, nevertheless. Not even a little soreness in my elbow!

I went to the second day of the Mid-Atlantic Regionals today, and it was amazing! I’m completely exhausted and can’t even think about writing anything more right now. But it was so great!!!

Monday 6/3 WOD at PCF

Today was so great. SO GREAT. I woke up early and had a huge great breakfast of eggs and spinach and mushrooms, had time to take care of a bunch of stuff, and then went to the noon class. It was small, which was perfect, because today I decided I was going to do unassisted pull-ups. AND I DID. AND THEY FELT GREAT. And Erika, the trainer, told me that I looked really great throughout them, and that I didn’t seem to have any weird imbalances or anything. I DID PULL-UPS AGAIN. Ahhh. SO damn happy. Not only that, but I PR’d my 3RM back squat, and then did it 3 more times.


  • Back Squat 3-3-3-3: 125(PR!)-125-125-125. This is SO amazing. The last time we did Crossfit Total, THIS was my 1RM, and it was barely to full depth, if at all. And I did four full sets of 3 at it today!!! And then early on this year, we did a full cycle of squatting, and I hit a new 1RM of 135, which is INSANE, because that is only 10lbs over this. I am amazed. SO happy. Multiple reps at bodyweight. Hot damn. YES.

WOD for Time: 16:27

4 Rounds of:

  • 10 Burpee Pull-Ups: Rx movement, Level II reps.
  • 200m Farmers’ Carry: 25lb dumbbells, Level I.

A few weeks ago we did a farmers’ carry WOD, and the Level I was with 20s. I did that weight, and almost thought I was going to have to drop down to 15s because my elbow felt weak. I figured out a better way to carry them, and finished out the workout with the 20s. Today, I put 20s on standby, because I was worried that it would fatigue my grip and mess me up on the pull-ups. I did the WHOLE WOD with 25s, AND could still do the burpee pull-ups. I just couldn’t be happier about my performance today. I ran with the dumbbells every round, and only stopped once halfway when I had to. Man, I am just stoked. I’ve come so far and made such great progress, especially over the last three weeks. I just feel so good.

Today is the first day of my summer semester, so I’m starting to settle into a new routine, and I think it’s going to be 8 weeks of greatness. I feel good about this summer. I feel like I’m going to make some serious gains. I’m so excited. Pretty soon I’m going to have to stop tagging my posts with “Injury”!!!