Friday 5/3 WOD at PCF

I love today. The weather is amazing, I woke up feeling like I wasn’t going to die if I were to leave the bed, and ended up getting into crossfit at 930am! Also got a new tank and hoodie in the mail last night, and new workout gear is the best motivation for me. Ha! Today’s WOD was so much fun!!! I might have gone a little hard on my bad arm, but so far it’s just normal sore, not anything worse. ROM is increasing slowly and barely noticeably now, so I’m antsy and feel like I need to push it harder and harder every day! Also, so happy that my legs and glutes are starting to get more definition. Seemed to be shedding fat&gaining muscle at the same rate for a bit there (and then the opposite while I was out with my injury for the first bit) and now I think muscle is finally winning out!!!

Gettin' it!


EMOTM for 8 Minutes of:

  • 1 Squat Clean/1 Front Squat (Subbed two Cross-Armed Front Squats): 70lbs. Elbow still not ready for weight in the usual front rack position, but getting close!!!!
  • 3 Box Dips: Still trying to hold off on the rings, for fear of my arm swinging outwards and tweaking. Focused on getting to absolute bottom and top, with zero assist from my legs/hips. Tris are damn sore now.

WOD for Rounds+Reps: 3+5+50m carry

AMRAP 15 Minutes of:

  • 5 Deadlift: 105lbs, Level I.
  • 200m Farmers Carry: 20lb DBs, Level I.
  • 10 Burpee Box Jumps: 20″, Level II height, but did burpee step-ups because I’m still not used to really strenuous cardio again, and was worried about missing and falling on my busted arm.
  • 5 15ft Rope Climbs*: Level II reps. LOVE ROPE CLIMBS.
  • * You must complete 5 rope climbs during the entire workout. You can do them at any point during the 15 minutes and break them up however you like.

This WOD was SO GREAT SO GREAT SO GREAT. I love things like this. I decided to attack the rope climbs first, and did all 5 unbroken, one after another, hardly even coming off the rope at the bottom. I LOVE  them. The deadlifts were 5lbs heavier than the deadlifts I worked up to on Wednesday, and they felt equally as great. I thought I was going to have to back out of the farmer’s carry on my left arm, because the first round walking it just didn’t feel right. On the second round, I held them differently, and actually ran with them at my sides, and that caused my arm to stay active and not let any weird cross-movement happen. It also kicked my ass, which was great. And the burpee step-ups were eh. I really wanted to do the burpee box-jumps, but like I said, I’m still being a little cautious, even though it doesn’t sound like it since I did 5 15′ rope climbs! I know my weaknesses, and I know that when I get really tired I don’t get my feet up high enough on the box jumps sometimes. This definitely could have been a WOD with tumble-potential for me.

Going hiking with Tyler for the rest of the day, in celebration (and jealousy!) of him completing his senior thesis! So proud of him!!

Wednesday 9/12 WOD at PCF

I skipped crossfit yesterday. I woke up with a completely stuffed up head and nose, and all the post-nasal-drip in the world. It was so gross. I stayed home and got some good food in me and kocked out homework, so it was a day well spent. My legs and abs are so freaking sore from my squats and GHDs on Monday…I have no idea why. I didn’t do anything supremely different. But crapola. I couldn’t even do the v-ups during today’s warmup because my abs felt like they were ripping out of my stomach when I tried.


  • Strict Press 3-3-3-3-3: 55-55-55-55-55. Yessss. Back up to full working set at 55lbs. Next week I’m going to try 2.5lbs heavier. Surprisingly they didn’t feel that bad. I definitely benefitted from last time, backing off and focusing on stabilizing my whole body and contracting every muscle. I felt so strong and stable, and felt like I could have done another set of 3, but I ran out of time. I can’t wait to try a little heavier next week!!

WOD for Time: 7:21

5 Rounds for time of:

Those burpee box jumps were really difficult, coordination-wise. They were fun though, and I almost bit it on one rep, but was able to catch myself, thankfully. Since there were only 7 ring dips, I dropped down to one and a half bands, and didn’t choke them up as much as I normally do. They were rough. The last two rounds I was going 4-2-1. My triceps were screaming at me. I liked this. I’m determined to get ring dips unassisted, so anything with this sort of volume of them is welcome in my books! I can feel the progress.

I also wanted to take a minute to talk about how I felt today, pre-WOD. My sleeping has been off lately, so I’ve been really sluggish in the mornings, snoozing well past my “if you want to have time to do anything other than take your dog out, GET UP NOW” alarms, and struggling to keep focus during my classes. Sleep has always been so hard for me. Last night I had a dream I was a butler for the Queen of England, and I stuck a banana in the ground. The night before I had a dream I went to an old friend’s hotel/mansion and gave him a pair of shoes. The night before, I was saving kittens from robbers. Anyway, so I felt awful and tired and had no source of caffeine all day. It took literally everything in me to make myself go workout. And I am SO GLAD THAT I DID. Immediately following, (which is pretty much right now) I have all of this energy out of nowhere, my mood is better, I feel all-around great, and my performance on the press made me super happy. Seriously, they had it right when they started the #justshowup trend at the box. As long as you get in there, you’ll be extremely glad you did. Yay, endorphins!