Oops I’m the Worst

Gahhh. I am so behind on this shit. The last month of this degree has been slowly eating away at my sanity, and the little time I used to use to actually write things here is now used for mental sanity checks like walking the dogs or reblogging stupid shit on tumblr or taking a bath or writing “YOU GRADUATE SO SOON!!! KEEP IT UP!!!! FINISH STRONG!!!” a million freaking times everywhere I could possibly look throughout the day (SO CLOSE!!!! 14 more days!!!!!!!!). I hate days where I feel like I have to plan things down to the minute in order to get everything done, and it feels like that’s been more often than not recently, ugh. One day I’ll get back to posting, maybe (Late June? When new job and a regular schedule AND FREE TIME start?!). But for now I’m kind of enjoying not worrying about it, honestly. Later, y’all!

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