Monday 9/30 WOD at PCF

Holy crap, last day of September. Finally! It’s finally October! I love fall!


  • Back Squats 10-10-10: 95-100-100. Stoked on this. Ran out of time AGAIN, but felt really good about them. Very strong all the way through, but that last set, whew. Perfect weight for today, but wish I would have had time to do one more set at 100.

WOD for Time: 14:07

21-15-9 of:

  • Hang Power Snatch: Level 11, 55lbs.
  • Bastards: Rx. Aka lateral over-the-bar burpees.
  • Pull-ups: Level II, unassisted with 15-12-9 reps.

This was awful! But so great! I really really felt like I got a solid workout today. I actually really like snatching, and this felt really good. It worked my forearms and legs and trunk and everything just feels great. Solid Level II. Slow, but solid.

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