Monday 8/12 WOD at PCF


Mondays. Ohhhh Mondays. Woke up early for CrossFit today to get it out of the way so I could get into the lab early…but I still haven’t heard back about what time I’m needed. Bah! I’ve been very quiet the last week or so at the box. Being sleepy causes me to be more reserved, I guess. Anyway, today is a new week, and I’m ready to crush it.


  • Front Squat 3-3-3-3: 105-105-105-105(PR!!). These were really tough. First rep was good, second was hard, and 3rd had major form breakdown. But by the 3rd and 4th set I was able to manage that a little better, and put more into my legs instead of my back. I will probably stay here for another week, unless we drop to sets of 2.

WOD for Reps: 173

Tabata: 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

8 Rounds Each of:

  • Russian Kettlebell Swings: 53lbs, Level II. 80 reps total.
  • Rowing: Rx. 40 cals total.
  • 10ft Wallballs: 8lbs, Level II. 53 reps total.
  • Complete 8 Rounds of each exercise before switching to next, with no additional rest between.

I’m pretty happy about that. My first two rounds of rowing were very inefficient. I should have been able to hit 50, but I had a brain fart and was going for speed instead of power at first. Durr. The KB swings got really taxing on my back by round 5ish, but were manageable. The wallballs were uncomfortable, but definitely do-able. Happy to use the 8lb ball after using the 14’er for the past few wallball workouts. Also, to quote one of the guys in my class this morning: “that 10 second rest is BULLSHIT!” Which it totally is haha.

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