Wednesday 8/6 WOD at PCF


  • Clean and Jerk 3-2-2-1-1-1: 80-85-85-90-95-100(PR!!!!!). YES! YESSSSSSS! Yes. Yes. 100lb c&j. I can’t even begin to explain how excited that makes me!!!!!! The set of 3 at 80 and the first set of 2 at 85 both felt super sketchy, but then I fell into my rhythm. This morning, an amazing olympic lifter named Kendrick Farris (kendrickjfarris on IG, go follow now plz) posted an image on instagram with elbow cues for both the clean and jerk: “up and in,” and “down and out,” respectively. And for some reason, that just clicked with me. I remembered on the second set of 85, and from then on, each rep felt SO GOOD. I got nervous going into the 100lb jerk and almost lost it, but was able to reel it back in and complete the lift. GAH I can’t even explain how awesome this it, and now I don’t have a mental block for triple digit c&j’s anymore!!! Yayayayayay!

WOD for Time: 12:55

4 Rounds of:

  • Run 400m: Rx.
  • 20 Russian KB Swings: 53lbs, Level II.

There was nothing fun about this. Simple, yet effective. I really thought I was going to crush this, but..well yeah. My legs were much more unstable than I thought they’d be going into the runs after the KB swings. They were like jello! I’m pretty sure on the 3rd and 4th rounds I could have been speedwalking faster than I was “running.” I also ate too much for breakfast today, and really felt sluggish from the get-go. Oh well, I stayed within the time that we were supposed to be in for this (10-13ish minutes, says Erika) and finished I think third in the class, maybe second. I think I am too hard on myself most days. Anyway, YAY! PR!

19714314ff8a11e28d0b22000aaa0532_7Stay turned this week for a post on the greatest, most amazing, incredible, best new thing in the history of ever that has actually successfully made me sleep/feel like a morning person for the first time in my entire life, and how I know it’s really working (spoiler alert, I ran out of it after a month, and can no longer sleep/wake up at all/how did I live this way for so long?!?!).

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