Wednesday 7/3 WOD at CFC

So behind! First of 3 catch-up WOD posts!


  • Deadlifts 5-5-5-5-5-5 (45%x2-75%-85%-90%x2 of 1RM): 65-65-105-125-135-145-145. These felt pretty good. I wasn’t sure how I’d be doing Crossfit Carteret’s more upright positioning for the set up, since previously I could barely get 135lbs off the ground once. I did much better today.
  • Strict Pull-ups 8-8-8: assisted. These longer sets made me realize how unbalanced my back is now from the injury. Wompwomp.

WOD for Time: 5:17

7 Rounds of:

  • 3-Position Squat Snatch Complex: 35lbs.
  1. From Hang
  2. From Knee
  3. From Floor

I kept this super light, since I haven’t worked squat snatch in months, since before my injury even. I didn’t realize that we could increase weight between rounds if we wanted to, or else I probably would have gone up to 45 after the first few rounds, once I was warmed up. I’m definitely a little uncomfortable pulling from the floor, so that’s definitely something to work on. I need to start hitting snatch days at PCF so I can work on that. It’s definitely a weakness!

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