Monday 7/1 WOD at PCF

Holy crap it’s July. How is that even possible!?!?! Last WOD at PCF for the next week. We’ll be heading down to Crossfit Carteret for the 4th of July! Can’t wait to see everyone there!


  • Back Squat 2-2-2-2: 130-130-130-130(PR). And that is a very solid PR, doing 4 full sets to full depth. I definitely have Erika to thank for the tip to eat more directly after working out, and on my non-WOD days. I feel like I have more energy and muscle endurance for sure. These felt really great, and I think proper bar placement was really an issue for me in the past as well.

WOD for Rounds+Reps: 8+15 Rx!!!

AMRAP for 10 Minutes of:

  • 10 KB Swings: 35lbs, Rx.
  • 10 Goblet Lunge: 35lbs, Rx.

First time doing full American swings! They felt so great. The lunges were pretty yucky, but that’s because they’re lunges and they’re always yucky. This was a total ninja WOD. Doesn’t look too bad, but all of a sudden you’re dying from it. I think it was mainly due to the fact that it wasn’t super heavy, so you really could do 10 minutes straight with very little rest. I remember at the end of the second minute thinking “holy crap, I have to do what I just did 5 more times?!?” Ha! Super sneaky. My quads and butt feel great. I also got to come home and have a delicious leftover chicken pot pie that I made for dinner last night. Happiest belly!

Chicken Pot Pie!

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