Monday 6/17 WOD at PCF

Today was part win part lose. I didn’t sleep well last night and was on and off awake through the whole morning, so by the time I got into crossfit at 930 I was already ready for a nap. I just don’t do well working out before noon. Eh, I do well doing yoga early, but heavy lifting? Negative.


  • Back Squat 2-2-2-2: 125-125-125-125-105-105. Ugh. 125 was almost unbearably heavy. I psyched myself out in the last two rounds at 125, and neither set got to full depth. Pulled off the 10s and did two extra sets breaking parallel. So frustrating. I can squat 125 easy. Just not today, apparently!

WOD for DU Reps: 225

5 Rounds of:

  • 1 Minute 3 Power Cleans: 80lbs. Level II-
  • AMRAP Double Unders with remaining minute: Rx.
  • 1 Minute Rest.
  • Your score is total number of double unders completed.

Does that make sense? So the first minute we’d do 3 PCs, and then spend the rest of the minute doing DUs, then rest a minute. Repeat 5 times. I REALLY liked this style of workout. It’s different and fun and a nice change-up from the normal AMRAPs, EMOTMs, and RFTs. My double unders were 48-52-30-50-45. The round of 30 was because my damn shoe came untied and kept tripping up the rope. So angry! Easily could have kept up 40+. Today was an on day for DUs. On all reps but the 30, I didn’t break it up more than once, and it was always after the 40 mark. Something just clicked today! And the power cleans felt really great. I kept having to cue myself with “fast elbows” and “big hips” right before every lift, because this was heavier than I’ve done recently. I tried for 85 before we started, but I wasn’t confident/fast enough and caught one low. It didn’t feel great, so I decided to back down. I’m still pretty damn happy with that though.

I have hours of homework to get done before class time, which is incidentally why I ended up at crossfit so early. Get it out of the way, even though I’m not as strong as I am around noon. Oh well! Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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