Friday 6/28 WOD at PCF


Every 2 Minutes on the 2 Minutes of:

  • 1 Power Clean: 80lbs. Felt so great. Strong and powerful.
  • 2 Front Squats: 80lbs. SO GOOD. I feel like I’m finally getting the whole “breath in the belly” stabilization down.
  • 4 Strict Pull-ups: assisted with one band. I wanted to be able to stick to all strict with no extra assistance per round, which is why I dropped the number down from the programmed 6. Slowly trying to build my volume again.

WOD for Time: 5:40

4 Rounds of:

  • 10 Deadlifts: 105lbs, Level II.
  • 15 Burpee: Rx.

Quick and dirty. I loved this. I did the prescribed Level II, and it was perfect. All sets of everything unbroken, with just the littlest amount of rest right between each round. I slowed down on my second round of burpees, but that was the only one where I felt like I slacked a little.

I got my hair cut this morning (exciting news, I know) and holy crap, it is so much easier to manage while working out now!! It actually stays up in a ponytail during double unders and burpees! It’s a miracle! And to be super cliche, TGIF, because holy CRAP if I’ve ever needed two full days of rest, it’s right now.

Wednesday 6/26 WOD at PCF

My mind is all over the place, so this entry is sure to be very choppy. Apologies in advance! Today was a great WOD day. My legs are still sooooo sore from Monday, so definitely I wasn’t looking forward to the wallballs or DB snatches. But my elbow felt pretty good today, especially after spending some time rolling out my left biceps on a lacrosse ball.


  • Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1: (80-)80-85-85-85-85. Yeah! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do all the sets at 85, so I got two solid singles at 80 first. But 85 felt amazing, and a few times it felt like I was having to pull the bar back down to my shoulders on the cleans from launching it so high! I lookcd back, and 90 was my previous 1RM for C&J, so I’m getting pretty excited to get back up to that. Also, I started working with a wider grip on both the clean and jerks, and it made a huge difference for my elbow.

WOD for Time: 12:27

3 Rounds of:

  • 5 Hang Power Clean: 65lbs, Level I.
  • 15 Alternating 1 Arm DB Snatch: 35lbs, Level II.
  • 30 10ft Wallball: 8lbs, Level II.

I was worried that the 35lb dumbbell was going to be too much on my left arm. I think I need to stop really worrying about my elbow when it doesn’t actually bother me very much anymore. I keep doubting myself and then having it feel completely fine, and I’m worried I might be limiting myself! So I stuck out the 35lb dumbbell and I’m so glad I did. They felt great! I also hadn’t done anything from the hang, so I kept that light. Maybe could have done 75lbs but was sketchy about my coordination ha.

Tyler comes home tonight after doing field work in Nevada for 5 and a half weeks! I can’t wait to continue clean eating with him and start working out again together! I’m going to try to drag him to yoga with me tomorrow morning!

After yoga last week!

Before and after yoga last week!

Monday 6/24 WOD at PCF

Mondays! Squats! I’m so sore and weak already from this crazy leg day, holy crow. I promise I’ll start adding more pictures with my posts soon, but I’ve just been so busy!


  • Back Squat 2-2-2-2: 125-125-125-125. Finally back to 125 again! I spoke with Erika about feeling like my squats are getting weaker, and she pointed out that I’ve leaned out a lot and upped my intensity (going really hard 3x a week every week) so I should try to get more protein and eat more. Oh darn, hate to hear that. Ha! These felt pretty good though.

WOD for Total Cal/Reps: 119 Rx!!!

4 Rounds of:

  • 1 Minute Row for Calories: Rx. 18-15-15-13.
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 1 Minute Thrusters for Reps: 45lbs, Rx. 18-15-13-12.
  • 1 Minute Rest

We did the exact WOD on January 21st of this year, but it was 3 rounds instead of 4. Looking back, this WOD was freaking terrible being 3 rounds, so I was a little worried about adding one more round! The last time we did this, I got 89 reps, with the rowing being 18-16-15, and the thrusters at 16-12-12, for the 3 rounds. I ended up getting 94 at the end of the third round today, so I killed my previous one!! I thought long and hard about the thrusters on this one. I wanted to go heavy, but was a little worried for my elbow. In the end, I decided to just go for it, and go for the Rx weight at a 45lb bar. The biggest issue I ended up having was with my left wrist getting fatigued! The rowing felt pretty good, but I was definitely ready to be done by the last round. I’ve never had my quads cramp up after a workout before today, so that was new..and awful! I could barely get up when I finished, and I couldn’t lift my arms above hip-level either. So crazy, but it felt so great.

And then I went home and had 34g of protein in unsweetened almond milk, and 17 more grams of protein in a shake with avocado, a handful of berries, chia seeds, flax seed, kale, bee pollen, pb2 (which is my new favorite thing ever), and a little bit of almond milk, and made a sweet potato, 2 huge chicken thighs, and half an avocado to take for lunch when I left for class. I am SO FULL RIGHT NOW. I’m going to have a 1/2lb ground beef/onions/mushrooms/peppers and a banana for dinner tonight. Maybe something else also that can give me a bit more protein. Nommm food!

Friday 6/21 WOD at PCF

Ugh. This whole day was a giant big set-up for Katie-failure. It took a lot of mental strength to get in there today, and I’m glad I did, but ugh. Today sucked. But I did go to hot yoga yesterday, and had an amazing practice and came out feeling thoroughly rung-out and flexible and wonderful and am going to try to go once a week again. But my quads and butt were completely toasted from it! They are very sore today, which is great because it takes a lot to make them sore, but not so great for the strength portion of the workout today!


Every 2 Minutes on the 2 Minutes of:

  • 2 Back Squats: 95lbs. Like I said, very sore quads and butt. I wanted to do 105, but…that just wouldn’t have worked today.
  • 12 Toes-to-Bar. I think 2/5 rounds I only did 10. I was trying so hard to focus on the movement that counting just wasn’t working too well. First time doing these since the injury, and I’m getting better at cycling them. Need to be more confident with a big swing through at the bottom, and stop looking at the bar!

WOD for Time: 6:47

12-9-6 of:

  • Pull-ups: unassisted, Level I. (Rx/LII were muscle ups. Ha!)  My hand tore in the first round. Then tore again on the round of 9. Big ones. Ow. I forgot how much that sucked. But today was my first time stringing pull-ups together again, and although they were only sets of 3 and 2, it still felt good…minus the tears, which felt freaking awful.
  • Clean and Jerk: 55lbs. Ugh. Level I was 65, but I just can’t do that kind of volume at any substantial weight for jerks with my stupid elbow yet. Ugh ugh ugh. I wanted to do 65 so badly, but it just didn’t feel right.

Sooo today was crappy. I am glad I went, being fully aware of how not-great it was going to be, because that was a big step instead of just cherry-picking the WOD and deciding to go on Sunday instead (which I wouldn’t have done). I am remembering back to what Erika told me once, when I had a really off-day, physically and mentally: “1 out of 3 workouts is going to suck.” I dug back in my archives and found that post, and this was something that resonated with me tonight: “Life happens, and sometimes you just can’t get out of your head enough, and you’re going to fail at things that you know with all of your heart that you can do. And you know what? That’s okay, and better than that, it’s normal.” Well, life happened to me in the form of my injury, and I’m still dealing with it. So maybe 1 out of every 2 workouts is going to suck for a little while, but hey, it’s going to get better. I’m going to get back to my normal capabilities, and this will have been just a small speed bump in my road. Hm. I feel better about today after writing this. That’s really nice.

Wednesday 6/19 WOD at PCF

Gahhhh today. Today today today. Lots of weaknesses exposed today.


  • Clean and Jerk 2-2-2-2: 75-75-75-75(-75 Bonus set). All were squat clean/split jerk. I’m having a really hard time with bar placement in my left hand for the jerk. Cleans are fine and easy and feel great, even the front rack position feels good. But adjusting the bar into the meaty part of my palm with it still resting on my shoulder rack is pretty much impossible right now. It’s getting closer (I think? Maybe? Wishful thinking?) but most of the time it ends up hovering, and then I have zero propulsion from the dip/drive on that side and end up having to press out at the top. I haven’t ever squat cleaned that much though, so that’s pretty rad.

WOD for Time: 12:11

5 Rounds of:

  • 1 Squat Clean: 75lbs.
  • 2 Front Squats: 75lbs.
  • 3 Deadlifts: 75lbs.
  • 4 Bastards: Rx.
  • 200m Run: Rx.
  • 1 Minute Rest

Weakness exposed. I am scared of squat cleans. I don’t know why, but man, I would rather do power cleans all damn day than do 2 squat cleans, and I’m not sure why. But today I forced myself to do them in the strength portion, and then did them in the metcon. I feel like I definitely could have done more weight, but I freaked myself out over the SCs so I just stuck at 75. Eh. Now I have something to work on, I guess. They did feel good though, and I feel like I’m slowly building my confidence in them. The deadlifts and bastards were easy, and I was hauling ass on the runs. Some people posted up sub-10 minutes, and I just have no idea how that’s even possible. I felt like I was flying through this, and still ended up with 12 minutes! I guess my first two runs were a little too leisurely. The last three I realized how good I still felt, and sprinted them. Still though, that’s just insanely fast.

I’m going to try to hit up a hot yoga class tomorrow morning. It all depends on how I sleep tonight, but hopefully it’ll be soundly and wonderfully, and yoga will be super great. Fingers crossed! Need more mobility!

Monday 6/17 WOD at PCF

Today was part win part lose. I didn’t sleep well last night and was on and off awake through the whole morning, so by the time I got into crossfit at 930 I was already ready for a nap. I just don’t do well working out before noon. Eh, I do well doing yoga early, but heavy lifting? Negative.


  • Back Squat 2-2-2-2: 125-125-125-125-105-105. Ugh. 125 was almost unbearably heavy. I psyched myself out in the last two rounds at 125, and neither set got to full depth. Pulled off the 10s and did two extra sets breaking parallel. So frustrating. I can squat 125 easy. Just not today, apparently!

WOD for DU Reps: 225

5 Rounds of:

  • 1 Minute 3 Power Cleans: 80lbs. Level II-
  • AMRAP Double Unders with remaining minute: Rx.
  • 1 Minute Rest.
  • Your score is total number of double unders completed.

Does that make sense? So the first minute we’d do 3 PCs, and then spend the rest of the minute doing DUs, then rest a minute. Repeat 5 times. I REALLY liked this style of workout. It’s different and fun and a nice change-up from the normal AMRAPs, EMOTMs, and RFTs. My double unders were 48-52-30-50-45. The round of 30 was because my damn shoe came untied and kept tripping up the rope. So angry! Easily could have kept up 40+. Today was an on day for DUs. On all reps but the 30, I didn’t break it up more than once, and it was always after the 40 mark. Something just clicked today! And the power cleans felt really great. I kept having to cue myself with “fast elbows” and “big hips” right before every lift, because this was heavier than I’ve done recently. I tried for 85 before we started, but I wasn’t confident/fast enough and caught one low. It didn’t feel great, so I decided to back down. I’m still pretty damn happy with that though.

I have hours of homework to get done before class time, which is incidentally why I ended up at crossfit so early. Get it out of the way, even though I’m not as strong as I am around noon. Oh well! Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Friday 6/14 WOD at PCF

It’s the weekend! Yeah! Did homework all morning, literally, from the moment I woke up until about 3pm, and then headed to crossfit. Was feeling smug, thinking this workout wasn’t going to be bad, and that 15lb dumbbells would be too light. Ha! Negative.


Every 2 Minutes on the 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes of:

  • 2 Front Squat: 70lbs.
  • 5 Strict Pull ups: assisted, averaged 4 strict & 1 kipping per round. Haven’t done these in a while.

I maybe should have gone for 75 or 80 on the squats. I power cleaned the first of each round, and did two consecutive front squats, and I wasn’t really having too difficult of a time, even in the last round. But it felt nice to do real front squats again, instead of the cross-armed ones I was doing a week or so ago! I was definitely getting gassed from the pull-ups more. They were putting a weird strain on my elbow, and just didn’t feel super great.

WOD for Time: 10:47(?)

5 Rounds of:

  • 5 Renegade Row Man-Makers: 15lbs, Level II.
  • 10 Box Jumps: 20″, Level II.
  • RRMM starts standing with DBs at sides. Go down to a plank, row right, push-up, row left, bring your feet up to your hands, squat clean thruster. Have fun!

That “Have fun!” is directly from the post online. Very funny. My brain could NOT wrap around the RRMM in the first couple reps of the first two rounds. I was doing push-up, row, row; row, row, push-up; push-up, row, push-up, row; it was just a complete mess. I’m also 99.999% sure I did 6 of them on rounds 3 and 4. My brain was just not there today. For rounds 3-5 I had to do the push-ups from my knees, because of pressure in my elbow. Irritating, but eh. Did a lotttt of mobility today when I got home. Everything has tightened up over the last week, and I really need to spend more time making sure I keep that from happening! Maybe it’s time to buy “Becoming a Supple Leopard.” Oh, and I really love these socks. Have a great weekend, y’all!


Wednesday 6/12 WOD at PCF

All of a sudden I have allergies this year for the first time ever, assumedly because it’s the worst allergy season since 1949 or something ridiculous. I haven’t been sleeping through the night because of this, and it sucks. I feel very sluggish and man is it hard to get out of bed. Today’s metcon felt like it lasted an hour. As I was going through the first 25 burpees I could not see an end in sight, and it felt like I was doing 5reps for every 1. But I stuck with heavier weight for my injured arm, so at least I got through the whole WOD without having to drop the weight down!


  • Clean and Jerk 3-3-3-3: 65-65-65-65-70(Bonus!)-65(Bonus #2, Squat C&J). First time clean and jerking any kind of weight since the injury! It has actually forced me to get really comfortable with catching the bar across my shoulders instead of catching it low and muscling it up into the right spot. The movements just feel a lot better. I still suck at the squat cleans, but I’m getting better. Surprisingly, 70lbs felt pretty good on my arm. I figured since I can do handstands again, I can push the overhead stuff a little more now. Considering the last time I did C&Js I was hitting two reps at 85 for my max (granted, this was a while ago), I’m feeling pretty good about coming off of an injury straight into 70lbs. Baby steps!

WOD for Time: 10:47

25-20-15 of:

  • Burpees: Rx.
  • Single Arm DB Power Clean and Jerk: 25lbs, Level II.

As I said earlier, the burpees felt like they went on forever. I hope this allergy medicine and nasal spray will allow me to get proper rest again finally. For the DB C&Js, I alternated sets of 5 per arm every round, until the last where I did 1 set of 10 on my right arm, and the last 5 on my janky arm. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get through this sticking at 25lbs. I had a 20lb on standby in case my elbow went to shit, but it held up and as I got more tired I would just drop a little lower under the DB on the jerk. Feels good to start having my shit back together. Once these meds kick in I’m hoping I’ll feel more improvement from the changes I’ve made in my eating habits/foods over the past couple weeks. I’ve really been putting in the effort but not feeling any results because I constantly feel like crap from not sleeping. Oh well, at least my torso and thighs have leaned out a little, so I can tell it’s doing something!!

Monday 6/10 WOD at PCF

Fair warning: I’m feeling chatty today, so this post is pretty wordy. I also had stronger coffee than normal this morning, so that could be partially to blame.

That being said, I’m also completely exhausted today. For some reason, being at Regionals completely took everything out of me. I don’t know if it was the humidity, or standing up for a lot of the day, or being so focused on what was going on for so long, but both Saturday and Sunday I got home and immediately passed out for a few hours, before eating and then going to sleep fairly early. I woke up this morning and felt weak and stiff, and the metcon for today looked awful, but I got in there.

Stronger than yesterday!

Ugh, the quality on this is awful!


  • Back Squat 3-3-3-3: 125-130(PR!)-125-125(f on 3rd rep). I didn’t quite break parallel on the last rep at 130, but I got down in the first two. Even getting two solid reps at 130 is a pretty big PR for me, so I’m not too upset. Today I was bending all over the place though. I couldn’t get my midline stabilization locked in, so I was bending forward a pretty decent amount on the last two sets, which eventually caused me to fail on the last rep of the fourth set. Next week I’m going to stick at 125 (assuming we’re still doing sets of 3) and get four solid sets in again and then move up from there. Probably a little too ambitious for a day where I already felt weak and wobbly.

WOD for Time: 16:55

3 Rounds of:

  • Run 600m: Rx.
  • 20 Push-Ups: Knees, Level II. Elbow felt weak today, along with everything else.
  • 20 KB Swings: 35lbs, Level I+, somewhere between Russian and American.

On the KB swings, I decided to just go as high as I could without getting the full extension of my arms and shoulders. I was swinging it above my head every time, but not all the way. It was the first time attempting full-ish swings since, mmm, February? Before my elbow incident. Part of me is irritated I didn’t just go for full push-ups and KB swings, but I also know that I probably would have pushed too hard. Ugh, being almost healed from an injury and having to limit yourself is almost as bad as being fully injured! I am extremely proud of myself for the runs though. I wasn’t moving as fast as I do on the 400ms, but I also didn’t stop to walk once. I remember when not walking during 400m runs was an accomplishment. It’s so mental for me, and today could have been because I was so focused on not slipping and falling on the wet pavement that I didn’t even have time to think about how much running sucks. Whatever the reason, I’m damn proud of myself for not stopping.

Okay, now I have a bunch to say about how inspiring Regionals was, and how much I love Patriot. Putting it behind a cut, because it’s pretty boring.

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Friday June 7th WOD at PCF

I ended up grabbing a last minute tattoo appointment in the morning on Wednesday, so I missed my normal Wednesday WOD. Squeezed an early one in on Friday morning!


7 Minute Partner AMRAP: 41

  • 1 Burpee Pull-Up. Alternate partners, only one partner works at a time.

Totally different strength circuit today. It was a fun change-up from the normal EMOTMs and heavy sets. Plus I got to partner up with Alison, who used to be a trainer at our box before she moved to Maine. It was really great to see her again. She was right there when I started crossfit and I’m pretty sure I moved over to “team Erika” only once she left.

WOD for Time: 5:58


  • Deadlifts: 125lbs, Level II.
  • Box Jumps: 20″, Level II.

This is actually Event 5 for the 2013 Regionals! Of course though, scaled. I can’t even imagine doing 45 reps at 185lbs. I think I could probably pull off….one? Maybe? Haha. I was very proud of my performance, nevertheless. Not even a little soreness in my elbow!

I went to the second day of the Mid-Atlantic Regionals today, and it was amazing! I’m completely exhausted and can’t even think about writing anything more right now. But it was so great!!!