Wednesday 5/1 WOD at PCF

Today was a good Crossfit day. I tried some new (since injury) things, and they all felt really really good. In the warm-up, I was actually able to do hang squat cleans with the trainer barbell (12lbs) and alllllmost have it sit in the right spot in my front rack position. Progress!


  • Deadlift 5-5-5-5: 100-100-100-100. This was really just an exercise in “can I deadlift again yet” trial and error. Turns out it felt freaking amazing to get some pulling tension on my arm. I went 35-65-85-90-95 in sets of 5, and then stuck at 100 for 4 sets. I didn’t want to push it too hard my first time doing them again, but they felt easy, and really good, and I’m really glad that I tried them today! The programmed strength with clean and jerk, but I’m certainly not at that point yet!

WOD for Time: 6:10

4 Rounds of:

  • 10 Hang Dumbbell Squat Cleans: 10s
  • 10 Pull-ups (Subbed Ring Rows): BW.

I actually did 5 rounds, because I had to use such a light weight and I felt like I just flew through it. I really wanted to use both arms, and not do this single armed, which meant going really light to be careful on the elbow. I grabbed 15s at first, but stabilizing the squat clean at the bottom felt like it was tweaking weird, so I had to back down. The ring rows were okay. I can’t wait to be able to do pull-ups again. I just feel so cheated not doing them!! I was surprised to feel that going from the top of the ring row to extended arms is actually what felt not so great on my elbow. But I just adjusted my heel placement so I was able to assist that side a little and they were fine from there.


  • 30 GHD Sit-Ups. I am going to try to keep knocking out GHDs after every workout. They feel so good all over, and they’re fun and quick and effective. Yay GHDs!

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