Sunday 1/27 WOD at PCF

Sunday Funday WOD! I’m beginning to really enjoy Sunday WODs. I’m not looking forward to how sore my butt and hammies are going to be going into tomorrow’s squats, rowing, and box jumps though! Tore my hands today…so the rowing will be extra suck.


  • Press 3-3-3-3: 57.5-57.5-57.5-57.5(f on 3rd rep)-55. 3RM PR! I’m damn happy about this. Last time we did 1RM for strict press was for the Crossfit Total back in the end of September/beginning of October. My 1RM was 57.5. Heck yes. I am pretty happy about being able to almost do all 4 sets of 3 at that weight!!! Even just being able to get ONE set of 3 would have been amazing. I was getting a little bit of an extension in my back on the last two sets, and knew I had kettlebell destruction coming up, so I just backed down to 55 and finished the last set at that. I’ve been wanting to try strict pressing again for a while, but have been too nervous to actually follow through for fear of not being able to get 57.5 up at ALL. But I did it, and now I have a good baseline starting point, and heck yeah. Good day.


WOD for Time: 9:00

Oh man, this was great!! I remember hitting 75 and going “holy crap…that’s only halfway!!!” I probably only totaled 20 seconds of rest throughout this entire WOD. I went completely balls out. My burpees were slow, and I kind of used them as active rest because my shoulders were already wrecked from the heavy presses and I couldn’t go as fast as I usually do with them. But every minute, as soon as I picked up the kettlebell I would not put it down until it was time for the burpees at the top of the next minute, and go right into them. What little rest I took was between the burpees and the swings, but it was very, very short. I think I’m at the point where I’d be able to do a few American KB swings with the 53lb KB now, and that is super exciting. Progress is great. Nothing better than seeing positive results, especially since I’ve been off my eating game this week with school starting again. Tomorrow is a new day!

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