Monday 11/19 WOD at PCF

Mondays are quickly becoming my favorite WOD day. I always have to force myself in there, but I have such a great time and I am consistently seeing progress. I also have teamed up with a lady who is at pretty much the same exact level as I am, and we’re able to push each other so well. It’s awesome.


  • Squat 5-5-5-5: 95-100-100-100. Eff yeah. We were going to try for another set of 100 so all of our working sets would have been there, but we ran out of time. Definitely felt like I could have pushed through one final set at 100, and that is pretty damn awesome. And to think, back in July I was failing on the final rep of sets of 3 at 100lbs. Ha!

WOD for Time: 3:34


First time doing “Grace!” I was dreading this last night, honestly. Earlier in the month there was a WOD that had a total of 30 clean and jerks split up into sets of 10. I did them at 55lbs, (thinking back, I’m actually fairly certain I dropped down to 45 during the last round but forgot to write that) and they were absolutely awful..even the first 10 at the very beginning. Today, I did the first 20 unbroken and strong. The last 10 I could feel my back rounding a little on the pull, so I took my time a little more getting set up and really keeping my shoulders pinned back. I also push jerked every rep. Didn’t need to split at all. Woo! Looking at my time, I probably should have gone a little heavier. “Grace” is supposed to be quick and dirty, so I was definitely in the right time range, but I felt like I had a little more in me at the end. Next time I’ll shoot for 70, since this WOD probably won’t come up in the programming for another handful of months. Can I get a “hell yeah” for progress?! Hell yeah.

I caught a couple of the last cleans a little low, and my chest got in the way of the bar on the way back down once or twice by accident, so I have a nice little sternum shiner brewing. Also, completely obsessed with Flag Nor Fail‘s sweatpants/all their clothing (and let’s be honest, with DLB as well), and this protein powder. Favorite everything. Just killed a sweet potato, two scoops of that protein powder with 8oz of almond milk, an avocado, and four-ish slices of turkey, and now it’s time to shower and pack! No dance class tomorrow, so I might try to squeeze in a morning WOD if I have time!

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