Monday 11/26 WOD at PCF

I had my follow-up with the Endocrinologist after getting blood tests to try to figure out why I’m not rested after sleeping, why I can’t fall asleep at night, and why I can’t wake up in the morning. Well, good news for my body but bad news for my sleep inssues, all of my levels came out in the top percentiles, my thyroid is perfectly functioning, and I’m extremely healthy. Now I get to go see a sleep specialist, since it’s nothing to do with hormones. I guess I would rather that than having to take synthetic hormones or something, and hopefully they’ll be able to figure something out for me. Even though I slept for 9+ hours last night, I woke up exhausted today, and started to crash around 3pm. I’m amazed I was able to preform as well as I did at crossfit, because I definitely didn’t have enough fuel or sleep in me, and my mind was elsewhere.


  • Squat 5-5-5-5: 105-105-105-105. PR. This crossfit shit works. 5lb increase every week! This was interesting; last week, every rep of every set felt heavy. This time, the first 3 were completely fine, and the last two were brutal. Very different dynamic, and I have no idea why. But I’ll take it. My hammies were just recovering from the rowing on Friday, and this was a great warm up for…the rowing in today’s WOD. Might switch to front squats next week, because I feel like I’m using my back a little too much at the bottom to start the upward momentum. I’m going to do one set, and see if the back effort from this week was due to being overly tired and hungry.

WOD for Reps: 106 Rx

3 Rounds of:

  • 1 Minute Burpees: 20-20-17
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 1 Minute Row for Calories: 18-15-16
  • 1 Minute Rest

This was a complete ninja WOD. There aren’t any easy-feeling WODs, but some are definitely way worse than others. This was one of them, and I didn’t expect it at ALL. During the second round, my hamstrings started screaming at me, and didn’t stop until well after. The first two rounds of the burpees felt awesome, but the third one KILLED me. For the rowing, the first and third were easiest, but I just couldn’t push myself in the second one. At the end I collapsed next to the rower, and it took me longer than usual to catch my breath. Somewhere along, I realized that the back of my left knee was completely on fire. Damn hammies. I grabbed a foam roller and laid down with it under my thighs, and it was so painful I was almost in tears. I managed to roll it out a little, but I was still having a hard time breathing and the pain was almost unmanageable. I flattened out, counted up my score (which I actually miscounted, thinking it was 117 instead of 106….damn CI-FAM) and finally got up to leave. Walking around on it actually made it feel much better, and now it feels fine. I’m still going to spend some quality time with my Rumble Roller tonight, because I know it’s going to be tight tomorrow.

I’m noticing big gains in my legs and shoulders/traps. Tried to get a good picture tonight but failed. Maybe I’ll have more luck on #flexfriday.

WAIT WHOA. I just realized we did this exact WOD on September 21st of this year, and I bested that score by 6! Yes! Progress progress progress!

Friday 11/23 WOD at CFC

Yesterday was a total cluster-you-know-what. We had my aunt and uncle over for brunch, and we sat outside in the sun for most of the day drinking, talking, arguing, and having fits of hysteric laughter. I made some delicious paleo pumpkin pie muffins and baked bacon, and helped with making an incredible goat cheese, leek, and grape tomato fluffy frittata. There were all kinds of delicious fruits and sweet potato puree as well. Add in bloody marys and mimosas by the bucketload, and that was my day. I took a quick cat nap around 4, and was ready to head to crossfit for the 5:30 evening class to work off all the booze and sugar. Like I mentioned to a friend this week, “no progress is progress when I’m at the beach,” due to food and alcohol consumption tripling when I’m with my family down here. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The WOD was programmed to be “The Big Dirty” again, since only a few people showed up for it on Thanksgiving day. Todd brought up about me doing “Diane,” since it was the scheduled WOD on mainsite, but I vetoed that since I can’t do handstand pushups yet. YET. So he thought for a minute and then decided to throw together a franken-WOD from the Crossfit Games qualifying WODs from Regionals this year. This is what he came up with:

WOD for Time: 16:37

  • Row 1000m: 4:11, PR’d this by three seconds!!!

For the pistols, Todd set me up with a box behind me, so I wouldn’t get too low and stuck in the hole at the bottom since I’m so flexible. Also, when my legs were dying, I was able to use my fingertips to help me start back upwards. This was wayyy more efficient and taxing than the way I’ve fine them assisted in the past, holding onto a ring or bands. Doing that, you don’t work on balance or weight distribution, and I feel like I relied more on the assistance than I probably should have. Doing those pistols after the row was freaking brutal. Todd corrected my single arm snatch form, which was something that I really needed. I wasn’t dropping my hips low enough, and was pulling with my back too much. It was instantly easier, but put more into my legs. Around rep 40 I started split snatching, to get under the weight quicker. I can’t believe the women’s Rx’d weight was a 70 freaking pound dumbbell. This morning my calves and glutes were so painfully tight, I decided to skip out on this morning’s WOD. I forgot my Rumble Roller at home, so I haven’t been able to roll out. I totally blame this soreness and tightness on that!

I leave to go home tomorrow morning. Leaving here is always the worst feeling and I’m going to miss my parents immensely. The next three weeks are going to be hell, and I will be extremely lucky to get in two workouts a week (including dance class). End of semester projects/papers/exams, then a week of finals. Time to buckle down..or buckle up. Not quite sure which, but it’s going to be rough ride either way.

As always, I had a blast at Crossfit Carteret, working out with Todd and Rhonda. If you ever find yourself down in Beaufort, NC, please check out their great box and WOD with them. Until next spring, guys! Thanks again for having me!

Thursday 11/22 WOD at CFC, and Thanksgiving!

I’m currently down at the beach for Thanksgiving with my parents, and that means that I get to drop in at Crossfit Carteret!! I love working out with them. The best people, fun WODs, good strength/endurance work, and did I mention best people? I love it down here. They decided on a turkey burner chipper for today’s WOD. They were originally thinking Filthy Fifty, which I was excited about since I’ve never done it, but then they changed to Big Dirty. Unfortunately, I had to get back to my parents to have dinner and we spent a lot of time talking in the beginning, so I decided to do 1/2 of the traditional Big Dirty, doing 200m runs and 20 reps instead of 400m and 40 reps. It still totally kicked my ass!

WOD for Time: 18:34

“1/2 Big Dirty”

All lifts done with an empty, 30lb bar.

There is so much that I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving. I am not someone who overlooks how lucky I have it on a daily basis, but it’s always nice to spend a day of complete reflection. I am so thankful for discovering crossfit, and for having an awesome support system to keep me going. I’m thankful for finding Patriot Crossfit as my homebase, with their flawless programming, attentive and inspiring coaches, and great athletes to compete with. I’m also thankful for finding Crossfit Carteret, down here in Beaufort, NC. Who would have thought that such an incredible box would be only a few miles away from where I’ve been vacationing my entire life?! The owners, Todd and Rhonda, are such amazing people, as are the rest of the people who WOD there, and it really feels like a second home for me. I am so thankful that I have found an exercise regime that keeps me motivated and interested and excited; for that amazing butterflies-in-stomach feeling I still get EVERY SINGLE WOD while the clock counts down “3-2-1-GO,” and for something that gives me the satisfaction of feeling strong, confident, driven, and completely badass, with visible progress in the numbers and on my body. Nothing has ever made me feel better about myself, the way I look, the way I feel, the way I think, and they way I perform on a day-to-day basis, no matter what task is at hand.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am extremely close with my family, so of course I’m extremely thankful for them. That goes without saying, because I tell them weekly how much I appreciate everything they’ve done for me, and their continued support no matter how ridiculous my current endeavor is. If I were to go deeper into this or start talking about my friends that I’m thankful for, I would surely write page after page and end up crying for the rest of the night. So I’m going to avoid that and just say that I hope those close to me know how much I love them, and how empty my life would be without each one of you. I love you all.

Monday 11/19 WOD at PCF

Mondays are quickly becoming my favorite WOD day. I always have to force myself in there, but I have such a great time and I am consistently seeing progress. I also have teamed up with a lady who is at pretty much the same exact level as I am, and we’re able to push each other so well. It’s awesome.


  • Squat 5-5-5-5: 95-100-100-100. Eff yeah. We were going to try for another set of 100 so all of our working sets would have been there, but we ran out of time. Definitely felt like I could have pushed through one final set at 100, and that is pretty damn awesome. And to think, back in July I was failing on the final rep of sets of 3 at 100lbs. Ha!

WOD for Time: 3:34


First time doing “Grace!” I was dreading this last night, honestly. Earlier in the month there was a WOD that had a total of 30 clean and jerks split up into sets of 10. I did them at 55lbs, (thinking back, I’m actually fairly certain I dropped down to 45 during the last round but forgot to write that) and they were absolutely awful..even the first 10 at the very beginning. Today, I did the first 20 unbroken and strong. The last 10 I could feel my back rounding a little on the pull, so I took my time a little more getting set up and really keeping my shoulders pinned back. I also push jerked every rep. Didn’t need to split at all. Woo! Looking at my time, I probably should have gone a little heavier. “Grace” is supposed to be quick and dirty, so I was definitely in the right time range, but I felt like I had a little more in me at the end. Next time I’ll shoot for 70, since this WOD probably won’t come up in the programming for another handful of months. Can I get a “hell yeah” for progress?! Hell yeah.

I caught a couple of the last cleans a little low, and my chest got in the way of the bar on the way back down once or twice by accident, so I have a nice little sternum shiner brewing. Also, completely obsessed with Flag Nor Fail‘s sweatpants/all their clothing (and let’s be honest, with DLB as well), and this protein powder. Favorite everything. Just killed a sweet potato, two scoops of that protein powder with 8oz of almond milk, an avocado, and four-ish slices of turkey, and now it’s time to shower and pack! No dance class tomorrow, so I might try to squeeze in a morning WOD if I have time!

Wednesday 11/14 WOD at PCF

There has been more going on in my life than I would like to admit, but between school and everything else, I have been the busiest I’ve been in what seems like a year. I’m also still having the same sleeping issues, and that is causing me to suffer greatly, especially with motivation. I am looking forward to this break for Thanksgiving, and even more to getting back into Crossfit Carteret down in NC while I’m away. It will be nice to reset by the ocean for a few days.


  • Jerk 1-1-1-1: 85-90(f)-85-85-85. My speed under the bar was really good, but I wasn’t getting a direct line of upward force. I think I didn’t have the bar racked close enough to my neck in the starting position, so it was floating out a little when I’d jerk up. But the last two felt really good and strong, and I think if I had tried 90 again at the end I would have been fine. I C&J’d 95 about a month ago, so I blame the forever exhaustion I feel.

WOD for Time: 12:23

  • 10 Thrusters55lbs
  • 10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups: First 6 unassisted!!!! Then ~20lbs assisted with band.
  • 20 Thrusters: 35lbs.
  • 20 Pull-upsUnassisted.
  • 30 Thrusters 35lbs.
  • 30 Assisted Pull-ups: ~20lbs assisted, with band. They were awful at this point.

This was wild! The 30 thrusters at the end were the worst part. Thrusters are just so awful in general, but that is a LOT for the end of a workout. I liked the increasing ladder with decreasing weight, but it was a killer, especially since my legs were still sore from Monday’s squats.

Tomorrow we have squats and “Grace,”so I’ll inevitably be spending the rest of the night trying to figure out what weight I should use. Forever overthinking.

Friday 11/9 and Monday 11/12 WODs at PCF, Plus Dance Today!

I am officially the worst. I have become so lazy with posting, because life has gotten in the way. But I’m still keeping up going to Crossfit, I just have a hard time motivating myself to write about it. That’s better than the other way around, I guess!

This was early Friday morning, last week. I was exhausted, and hadn’t slept well the previous couple nights. It was just..excruciating. But we do rope climbs in the warmups on Fridays, so that’s always a day brightener.


EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:

  • 1 Snatch Balance: 45lbs. I thought there were 2 per round, so I started at 55 but that was too much on my wrists, doing two reps. I realized it only called for 1 rep after I had already switched everything out and couldn’t be bothered to change them back. Easily could have done 55lbs at 1/round.
  • 2 Strict Pull-ups: thin band, ~20lbs assistance. Switched to one assisted strict and one unassisted kipping on round 6. Bah. So tired.

WOD for Time: 12:32

3 Rounds of:

  • 10 Clean and Jerk: 55lbs. Wish I had been able to do this at 4:30pm. I easily would have been able to go at least 10lbs heavier, but not early in the morning.
  • 15 Bastards: Rx. Bastards and burpees are usually one of my favorite parts of WODs with them. I can fly through them fairly unscathed, but not that day. I was slow and angry and tired and just..not feeling them. Definitely killed my time.
  • Run 200m: Rx. Felt good. Still can’t believe I don’t hate running anymore.
  • Rest 1 Minute: Rx

Yesterday was muccchhh better. I felt invigorated, was in a huge class (which I usually hate, but found it enjoyable actually), performed well, kept a good pace, and all-around killed it.


  • Squat 5-5-5-5: 95-95-95-100. Damnit, should have gone for 100 in at least one more set, but we also ran out of time. This was awesome though, and I didn’t feel nearly as beat down as I did by them last week. Progress! And new 5-rep max PR!

WOD for Time: 8:24

  • 50 10ft Wallballs: 8lbs, Level II. Only two breaks! All hit 10ft mark! So proud! More progress!
  • Run 800m: Rx. Run felt great, minus the first few steps where my legs were jello from the wallballs. I got confused as to how many laps I’d done, so I figured it would be better to potentially do an extra one than short myself. Turns out I did the right amount, thankfully!
  • 30 Games’ Standard Box Jumps: 16″, Level II. First time cycling box jumps, thanks to the linked video!!! They were so fast!!! So proud of this! I can’t believe how much they speeded up my time, and how much LESS energy they took versus pausing at the bottom to reset and jump up.

Annnnd today was dance class! I was about five minutes late because it was raining and everyone in NOVA forgets how to drive as soon as there is weather, but it was a damn good class. I nailed two really difficult moves, worked on a few spinning dismounts, learned a new fancy climb, and I have alll the bruises to show for it. We worked on spinning pole for a while, and I surprised myself with a few moves that I didn’t think I was strong enough to do! Then I went home, busted out a few moves on my own pole, and took a few videos. So happy! Here’s a quick tiny .gif of Jasmine to Superman! Ugly, but still so excited. Can’t wait for Crossfit tomorrow morning!

Monday 11/5 WOD at PCF

So, I forgot to log a WOD a weekish ago. And then I fell off the wagon the past week, due to the hurricane and not getting enough sleep, and just generally feeling terrible, post-sickness. But I’m back around, and back to killing it in the box.


  • Squat 5-5-5-5: 95-95-95-95. Finally! Getting into the box on a Monday for squat day!! These felt great. I easily could have done at least the first two sets at 100lbs, but I wasn’t really sure where I stood with sets of 5. The first three were so easy, then the last two come out of nowhere and are just agonizing. I stuck to low-bar for all four sets.

WOD for Reps: 201

3 Rounds for Reps of:

  • 1 Minute Alternating Front Rack Lunges55-35-45.
  • 1 Minute ABMAT Sit-ups: Rx. I’m really god at sit-ups.
  • 1 Minute Push-ups: Level I, on knees. I didn’t want to do any snaking up from the floor, so I just stuck to knees. Glad I did, I can barely lift my arms now.

I haaaaaaate lunges. Haaaaaaaate. I thought I’d be able to hang at 55lbs the whole time, which was between Level I and Level II, but I underestimated how cooked my legs would be after the squats. I failed towards the end of the last minute, and pulled the plates off before round 2. I didn’t want to waste the time getting lighter plates to put on the bar, so I just went with 35, but during the situps the coach came near my end and I was able to flag him over and ask him to grab them for me. That was great, because I could definitely do them at 45, no problem. So what whole ordeal was a little frustrating, but oh well. Like I said, I was surprised how weak my legs were!

Tomorrow is going to be so busy. Dance class in the morning, breakfast with my mom right after, then going to vote, then going to see an Endocrinologist to try to sort out my sleep issues, and finally to class in the evening. I am going to sleep so well tomorrow night!