Not Sleeping Productivity

I’ve still been having nightly issues with sleeping. Usually I get into bed around 10 or 10:30pm, and then just stare at the ceiling until 2 or 3am. Lately I’ve been trying to stay up until I’m actually tired, and then getting into bed. Well, that just never happens. Last night I stayed up until about midnight, and got into bed. I couldn’t sleep, no big surprise there, and I was really antsy. So I decided to get up and stretch and work on some pole tricks. I went into the room that the pole is in (which I’ve been severely neglecting, outside of the weekly class at the studio) and it was full of bikes and Tyler’s telescope gear, and camping stuff we haven’t gotten a chance to put away yet. I moved a few things around, and was able to do bust out some tricks. I went back into bed around 1:30am, but wasn’t satisfied. Got back up, went back into the pole, and decided I was going to get Superman, before going back to sleep.

I started on the floor and got into it to make sure I could hold it, and I could. I tried getting into it from Star and Inverted Pike, but I just couldn’t get that. I also tried from V-Hold, which I saw on a video online, but couldn’t even successfully get into V-Hold, so bagged that. I started to feel defeated, but then remembered my instructor mentioning you could get into it from Dragonfly if you’re really flexible. And I am. Hm. So I tried it, and lo-and-behold, I fucking got it!!!! I jumped down, did a happy dance, did it again, and then grabbed my camera. By this time it was about 2:30 or 3, so it was dark as shit, and there’s not a lot of light in that room. My camera was dying, so I only had one chance to snap a shot on the timer, and it worked!!!

I am so damn proud of this. There are a lot of little ugly things that I can nit-pick on, but now that I can actually do it, I can start working on making it pretty. I am just absolutely elated. This, plus getting thigh drop back and Bow, has definitely kicked up my confidence, and my desire to get better again. I’m going to be switching classes to the Tuesday morning class with the head instructor at my studio, so I can hopefully work out some kinks I’ve been having. This will also allow me to go to squat days on Mondays at Crossfit! It’s a win all around, really. Yay! Progress!

Tough Mudder in THREE DAYS!!!!! Ahhh!


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