Saturday 9/29 CFT at PCF

Holy crap, you guys. Hoooollllyyyy crap!! So if you didn’t read my previous link about what the CFT (Crossfit Total) is all about, I guess I’ll give a brief summary. The CFT is used to asses an athlete’s functional strength. Meaning, there are very few situations in your everyday life where you will be in a bench press situation, but picking up something really effing heavy from the ground, or carrying something heavy on your back are a little more plausible. The CFT is the sum of  the best of three attempts of one rep for the back squat, strict overhead press, and deadlift, preformed in that order, and all done during a single session. You should reach the point of failure at the last attempt for each lift.

So I went into this without having squatted actually at Crossfit in months (since Mondays are squat days and I have dance that night) and have somehow missed deadlifting over the course of a few months, minus a few WODs here and there. I just PRd my press this week, so I wasn’t expecting any huge (or any at all) gains on that. But I figured my goal was to get over 300. 115 BS, 57.5 OHP, 135 DL would put me at 307.5, so as long as I could hold it together and do what I’m normally capable of, I’d get past 300.

Well, I ended up PRing my backsquat by 10lbs, and my deadlift by 40lbs. WHAT?! And I could have done more on the deadlift too, but I had maxed out my reps attempts.

Crossfit Total: 357.5

  • Backsquat: 115(safety)-120-125(f)-125(PR by 10lbs!!). Really got some great tips on depth and technique. I need to try to get in there Mondays.
  • Strict Press: 57.5(safety)-60(f)-60(f)-60(f). This was expected. I’m just glad I could get 57.5 up solidly again.
  • Deadlift: 135(safety)-155-165-175(PR by 40lbs!!). Deadlifting felt really really good. Wish I had time to get higher.

Also, that means I squatted my bodyweight. Hell yes. Well, minus 1.4lbs, but whatever. Close enough! Man, I am so happy with this. I was hoping that I’d be able to push past 300, but never dreamed that it would be that far, considering how long it’s been since I deadlifted for weight. So great. I’m freaking elated. According to this chart, I’m sitting above intermediate. Feeling so good right now. I’m sad that I missed this last year, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I know what I was at for each of those lifts, so I guess that’s close enough. And wow, what a big difference.

And now we are just about ready to leave to go camping with some friends for the night, and then zip lining and white water rafting tomorrow! Adventure weekend! Yay!

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