Tuesday 9/18 WOD at PCF

Oh man oh man oh man. So much greatness so far this week. I’ve been feeling burned out with dance class. On Monday night, I nailed a couple moves that I haven’t been able to get, and I felt really confident throughout the entire class. I’m hoping this wasn’t just a one-time thing. I even got the Jade Split! It didn’t feel like I was completely opened up, but I got it on video and I’m actually way closer to a full split than it felt like I was. Pretty much exactly this:


But I’m just so happy that class went well, I don’t even care that it wasn’t fully open. I held it, and then I came home and did it on my pole at home to show Tyler! I stupidly took the video sideways, so if I can figure out a way to flip it I might post it sometime…maybe..probably not.

Then today at Crossfit I used the 53lbs kettlebell for the first time!!!!! And did all 30 of the pull-ups unassisted!!!


EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:

  • 2 Power Snatch55lbs. Y.E.S. A few were sketchy and I had two fails, but I redid the reps and felt awesome.
  • 2 Handstand Negatives: Basically the starting point for the handstand push-up. You kick up into a handstand, and then slowly lower yourself down until your head touches the ground (or the abmat, in my case, so I didn’t slam my head into the ground when I got tired). The last 3 rounds were excruciating.

WOD for Time: 6:59

3 Rounds of:

  • 21 Russian Kettlebell Swings53lbs, Level II. First time using the 53lb KB!! It was great! Each round I did all 21 unbroken. It definitely wasn’t as hard as I was expecting it to be. A couple of my swings came up well past eye-level. I’m excited to try to use it more now!!!
  • 10 Pull-upsLevel II. I did all 30 pull-ups unassisted. And every rep counted. I’m so happy about this! I also tore the daylights out of my palms on the second round (picture below), so that slowed me down on the last round. But my time was right where the elite-elites’ were, so my scaling was perfect (down from 15 reps as Rx). I went about 4-2-3-1 for all three rounds, AND was able to cycle my kipping perfectly without any extra energy expense. 30 pull-ups is a lot for someone who just recently developed the strength to do them. I’m so happy.
  • Rest 1 Minute: Rx, boss.


My power snatch was 5lbs higher than last week, I used the 53lb KB for the first time, and I did all pull-ups unassisted, even though I had a band set up on stand-by, incase I couldn’t hang. But I did. And I did awesome. Couldn’t be more impressed with my performance today and last night, especially since I haven’t really been feeling 100% health-wise this week.

One response

  1. Is it weird that I look at my hands now and am encouraged and delighted by the torn skin and calluses? Probably weird… :D

    Unassisted pullups are hard core. You are a machine. How long until you start wearing a weighted backpack? :D ha ha ha

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