Sunday 9/16 Climbing at Carderock, MD

Tyler and I took a couple friends rock climbing today and we had an absolute blast. One of them grabbed my camera towards the end and took some killer photos of us climbing, and I feel awful because I hardly got any of her! I am so sore from the last ascent I did. We woke up at 6:30am today (I know, on a Sunday!!!) and headed to Carderock at 7 to set up a good climb spot that had easy to hard climbs accessible from the one point. Our spot was perfect.




Click through for a ton of non-phone photos!

It’s so important to me to live an active live outside of the gym as well, as well as in it. I can’t explain how great it was to spend the morning of this perfect day climbing around on rocks, enjoying the still water, and watching the wildlife around us. And now I’m sore, which is definitely an added benefit! The weather was just cool enough to not get all nasty and sweaty, but just warm enough that it was comfortable to be without a sweatshirt. Looking over these images, I am struck by my progress. I’m not going to go on about that because I really do fawn over it a lot on this blog (it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want, damnit!) but I am so proud of myself.






Such a great day. Thanks to Andrea and Eric for giving us the idea to use this morning to our advantage, and for coming along for the fun!

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