Wednesday 8/22 WOD at PCF


  • Strict Press 3-3-3-3-3: 55-55-60(f)-57.5(f)-55-55-55. Damn you, strict press!! Couldn’t budge from 55, no matter how much I tried. But, I did manage to do my full working set of 5×3 at 55lbs, which was better than the last time I did this rep scheme 3 weeks ago. I was able to press 55lbs 3 times for 3 sets, but failed on the fourth and had to back down for the last two. So I can’t complain too much! My lifting partner, who I’ve partnered up consistently with on Wednesdays for about a month now, gave me some really important advice on my form and it clicked and definitely helped in the last two sets. So happy. She also PR’d her press, which was awesome.

WOD for Time: 8:47

3 Rounds of:

Nerdiest of gun shows. Awww yis.

Again, hanging tough with the big boys/girls! All ring dips were unbroken, which means I probably should have used a little less assistance, but my shoulders/triceps/lats/chest are so freaking sore from yesterday’s ring dips and KB swings! My air squats were all unbroken, and almost felt like active rest. The double unders made me do a happy dance at the end of the WOD. I strung together more than I ever have before in all three rounds, with one set going something along the lines of 1-33-26. So awesome. All three rounds I only broke the sets into 3, which is great. Progress!!! So awesome! I have a long way until I can do full ring dips, especially since they’re a pushing motion and I’m awful at that, but I am definitely getting so much stronger.

At the end of this month, I will be signing up for Patriot’s monthly membership again. I have high hopes that I will be able to keep this up during the semester, improving my fitness, and my wallet from not having to pay the drop-in rate every time!

Also, as an end note, I’d like to copy-and-paste some wisdom from the owner of Patriot Crossfit, Brian, who had an amazing blog post today about thinking of Crossfit/nutrition/sleep as chores versus thinking of them as fun and play time. Read on after the jump!

Treat Yo Self

I think folks that get into the Guilt/Redemption paradigm that Taubes talks about a lot are bound to fail in CrossFit and Paleo. If you are laying around playing video games, drinking and eating pizza for days, then feel real bad about it and come in and try to crush Murph, first nature is going to F you up, and then you’re going to quit.

Also, if you are working on a big project at work that requires you to sit for 12 hours a day (you thought you were going to get out of being chastised didn’t you Type-A overachiever….), stress out constantly (oxidative stress), not get optimal nutrition, feel bad about it and come in and try to crush Murph, you are also going to get F’ed up by Mama Nature and you’re going to quit.

For those folks that get it, stop reading now. Ok, right after this: you have fun doing CrossFit and you eat “clean” because ribeye is delicious and vegetables are a great butter delivery vehicle. If you agree with that statement, stop reading and go crush Murph.

If your brain suddenly went into a spasm, then read on: being/getting healthy shouldn’t suck the life out of you.

Our workouts are punctuated stressors designed to improve your fitness after your body has repaired itself. That repair needs to be fueled with the proper food and sleep. But this shouldn’t be hard, it should be something that comes natural.

It’s easy if you think of CrossFit as “play”. The food is easy if kick your goddamn sugar addiction (which is what’s going on with all of you that aren’t eating Paleo). You kick that addiction and suddenly real food tastes, forgive me for repeating myself, MOTHERF’INDELICIOUS.

So stop thinking about food, rest, sleep and working out as a chore:

Slow Cooked Pork Roast with Apples and Onions -> Treat Yo Self!!!

Muscle Ups and Thrusters -> Treat Yo Self!!!

Meat Sauce with….whatever you want to put it on -> Treat Yo Self!!!

Sleep nine hours -> Treat Yo Self!!!

Bacon Wrapped Everything! – TREAT YO SELF!!!!!!


This blog post was golden. I absolutely love working out, I love cooking, I love sleeping forever, I love bacon wrapped everything, I love hard movements that I haven’t quite mastered yet. One of these days I’ll get around to giving a strict paleo diet a go, but with the life of a full-time college student and an hour and a half plus commute, I have to take advantage of the conveniences that non-paleo living brings. I think I’m at least partially doing “it” right, meaning living and how I feel about working out, food, and sleep. But, I am about to go have my own treat yo self and cook up some bacon and eggs from the fantastic new farmer at our weekly farmer’s market!! Breakfast for dinner is the best!!!

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