A Note About Recovery, and Monday 8/6 WOD at CFC

Someone on Patriot Crossfit’s blog pointed out that Whole9 has a really great article from earlier in the year about resting versus actually recovering from workouts. I have been trying to balance this for a few months now and finally feel like I know exactly how much recovery time I need, and what I need to do to actually recover, balanced with how much high-intensity exercise I can handle. I feel like I see a lot of people over-train and over-diet to the point where it’s not beneficial anymore. Finding that sweet spot is difficult, and is one of the main reasons why I don’t completely eliminate grains anymore. I already have to keep such a close eye on what I eat, and adding one more thing with a full-time school schedule was just too difficult and stressful for me. I hope some day I will be able to cut all grains out again, when life is a little less insane. I also try to get in at least 5 minutes of mobility every day, spending quality time with my RumbleRoller and lacrosse balls, and doing static stretching whenever I can. Finally, I love that they point out that your recovery days should have low-intensity recovery exercises, because some many people veg out on the couch on their “rest” days instead. I love being active outside of Crossfit and the gym, by either biking, walking, hiking, dancing, or light jogging. I honestly feel so much better at the end of my recovery days when I spend them actually doing things, no matter how beat up I am from the previous days’ workouts. Bottom line, “you owe it to your Future You not just to rest, but to recover.” Thanks, Whole9, for an awesome article that reinforced my own views so precisely, and said them more elegantly and throughly than I ever could have!

WOD for Rounds&Reps: 2 + 75 (2 full rounds, plus 30BJ+20PP+25PU)

“Danny” 20 Min AMRAP of:

Eff me! This was rough! The box jumps were Game’s Standard, with full opening of the hips at the top. I was still a little worried about my shoulder, so I kept the push presses fairly light. I think after today I’m ready to go heavier though, because it feels completely fine. And the pull-ups, I don’t even know what happened with them. All of a sudden today I couldn’t string together 5 unassisted pull-ups! I’m guessing my shoulders are a little gassed still from Saturday, so I needed to use a band. Tyler had an awful migrane the entire day, so he didn’t end up coming with me, and I got caught at a draw-bridge and ended up being 8 minutes late. Because of this, I didn’t get much of a warm-up in, but I came straight from swimming in the ocean all day, so I still felt really good and warm. The owner/coach, Todd, was pushing us pretty hard for the last 30 seconds, and definitely helped me get in the last 25 pull-ups. I really wanted to hit 3 full rounds, but I’m happy I got that close!

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