Back to the Grind…on Vacation!

I went and saw an amazing orthopedic surgeon for my shoulder on Wednesday. His name is Dr. James Gasho and he is located in Chevy Chase, MD. I can’t say enough great things about him. He tested a bunch of ranges of movement, and at the very end, without any feeling around, pushed his index finger right into my shoulder and pinpointed the EXACT location of the pain. I couldn’t even tell you exactly where it was located, after having it for four days. It was amazing, but also made me squirm in utter pain. The verdict? An inflamed rotator cuff (no tear, whew!!) and some extra-strength anti-inflammatory pills. Avoid a few certain movements, but other than that I am okay to keep working out. I just need to keep listening to my body, and if something hurts I need to back off.

I also had a chance to ask about my other shoulder from the AC injury I had in the beginning of the year. It turns out I must have injured the joints at both ends of my right clavicle, because where my collar bone connects with my sternum will click with certain rotations now, and protrudes slightly more than the left side. He felt the clicking and poked around at the spot, and said it would only be a mild annoyance, and was nothing to worry about. He said it’s a strong joint, and will probably always be a little sore on and off, but that the best thing for it is to leave it the hell alone.

I seriously can’t say enough good things about him and his practice. The office was laid back but professional, and very to-the-point. He had gotten hung up with an older couple earlier in the morning, so the wait was a little longer than I would have liked, but that’s almost to be expected these days.

In other news, this morning I took my final exam for the second class of my summer semester, and Tyler and I headed down to the beach! I can’t wait to get back into Crossfit Carteret and take Tyler!! We’re planning lots of Crossfit, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, and tons of other exciting activities, so this will definitely be an action-packed ten days!!! Now that I have the okay to go back to working out finally, expect normal WOD posts and pictures! I’m even going to try to get some video this week!

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