Thursday 7/19 WOD at PCF


  • Clean and Jerk 3-2-2-1-1-1-1: 70-75-75-80-85-85(f)-80-80. Got 85 up!! PR(personal record)!!! It sure was ugly, and I couldn’t get it up again, but I did it. Then I struggled hard with the last two singles at 80. My elbows are really sore from the ring dips and wallballs yesterday. Apparently when your triceps get tight, it puts some strain on the elbow joint. Who knew?! I’ll be spending the rest of the night rolling out my triceps with a lacrosse ball. Ouch. I think c&j has become my favorite lift. I feel so powerful, comfortable, and oddly fearless. It’s one of the few lifts where I’m only 5-10lbs below some of the women power houses at my box. I need to work on my squat clean more, since I feel like I could jerk more than I can power clean. Holy innuendos!


5 Rounds for Time of:

  • Row 250m. Rest as needed between rounds. 1:01.5–1:01.1–1:00.8–1:01.3–1:01.8.

The rows were way more challenging than I anticipated. The first two were pretty easy, and after that I kept having to tell myself “okay just three more times…okay two more time, you’ve got this.” I’m used to 500m and 1000m rows, not sprinting, and springing takes so much more out me, especially back to back! The 1:00.8 is a PR also! After my first row, I asked the trainer Erika to watch my second row and critique me, because I still feel like I could get more out of every stroke. She watched the whole minute, and then corrected two things: don’t slide my butt all the way up to my heels (which I can do because I’m too flexible, and it causes little cuts on my ankles), and to lean forward more at the bottom. This was a lot to think about and be conscious of while trying to sprint, but I ended up besting my times on the next row. It felt awesome. The last two were eh, but I’m still so glad I stayed right around 1:01 the entire time.

This weekend is going to feel gooooooddddd. I’m excited to get some real rest. Thinking about just doing some lifting at the gym this weekend, focusing on squats, kettlebell swings, and rowing. I want a 250m row under 1:00 and a 500m under 2:00! Both are within my reach!!

Pole dancing competition tomorrow night in Falls Church, Virginia! I won’t be competing, but the ladies who will be are absolutely amazing, and if you’re in the area you should definitely consider checking it out!!

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