Dance from Monday 7/9

I don’t have much to preface these photos with! Everything that I could possibly say about my experience with dancing is already written in my FAQ & Info under the “Fitness Background” section. Dancing means a lot to me, and was a huge part of me “coming into my own skin,” so to speak. I’ve been dancing weekly with the same ladies for a year and a half now (holy crap!) and I never leave class without a smile on my face. I was having a particularly non-sticky night on Monday and I was only able to get these pictures before getting frustrated, but I’m hoping to start setting up my camera for videos again so I’ll have something more to post. Stills really do dancing absolutely no justice!

I’m heading to Crossfit at 4:30, so expect a post about that later! Enjoy!



The top two are from this past Monday, and the bottom two are fairly recent. The group picture was for our graduation recital, and the only face I left unsmudged (aside  from mine) is of my lovely instructor, Paige, who has done more than she will ever know in helping me along in my journey.

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