Rest Week and Friday 7/6 WOD at PCF

I decided to take some time off to let my calves/possible shin splints cool off a little bit. It seems like every WOD I did while at the beach included either double unders or running, so they have been feeling extra-strained. That, coupled with the holiday yesterday and wanting to spend all of my free time with my man after being away for so long, made for the perfect rest period that flew by. I’m aware of the slight soreness in my left inner calf after doing things as simple as climbing stairs or walking for longer than 5 minutes at a time, so I have a feeling that side is going to be a problem.

I went into Patriot Crossfit in Arlington today, and got a chance to talk to my favorite trainer, Erika, about my shins. She said that the location I’m having issues with is due to double unders, and to just be smart about it and we can work around them in the upcoming week or so. Also, she said to be careful with the lunges in today’s WOD, and to consider doing them at bodyweight instead of with a 35lb kettlebell, as prescribed. This was a hard decision, because I knew that I am capable of doing them with the KB, but in the warmup we did lunges with a 35lb bar racked on our back and that felt slightly nasty on my calves once I started to get a little tired.


Work up to one heavy set of 5 deadlifts, adding 5-10lbs from last week: 135lbs. I could not get 140 off the ground, let alone my normal 5rep max of 145, to save my life. Disappointing, but after a week of rest and almost 2 weeks from doing any deadlifts at all, I guess it’s not too surprising. Hoping by next week I’ll be back to 145, and by the following I’ll be able to push up to 150.

WOD for Time: 10:48

  • 1000m Row
  • 50 35lb KB Lunges
  • 50 35lb KB Swings

That was my first time rowing 1000m! I kept a very steady pace and was extremely pleased with how good I felt once I hit 750m, and powered through the last 250m with no problem. My rowing form has improved exponentially and I don’t hate it anymore! Yay! I finished the row in 4:28, which is really awesome and I’m super proud of that. I started the lunges with the kettlebell and after the first 5 my left leg started aching. I briefly considered dropping down to a 20lb dumbell, but decided that I should listen to Erika and just go body weight. They were still rough and my legs feel completely toasted, but I’m still a little bitter I didn’t go for it. Then, I moved onto my first time doing full American KB swings at 35lbs since hurting my back. I did the first 25 in that style, then dropped down to Russians for the last 25, really focusing on speed bringing the kettlebell back down. I figured that it would be better to not go balls out and try to do 50 unbroken American KB swings my first time back at them, for fear of injury again, but I’m very pleased that I was able to knock out both sets of 25 unbroken. This workout was up and down, but I had a lot of small victories so I can’t let the small disappointments bring me down!!

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  1. This is like a normal conversation about crossfit with you, but it has references and links so that I actually know what you’re talking about. I like.

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