Crossfit Carteret and Being on Vacation

Before I write anything else, I just wanted to say how much I absolutely love working out with the people of Crossfit Carteret. I have never felt more welcomed by a group of people. Ever since finding out about this box (other word for gym, since most Crossfit “gyms” are pretty much just four walls and a roof, warehouse style) I’ve had much more motivation to come down to the beach and stay for as long as possible.

It’s hard going on vacation, especially beach vacations. You eat differently, more frequently, and tend to do a lot of lying around. I could go on and on about how to make it work and come out ahead after being on vacation, but when it comes down to it, you are the only person who can make it happen; it’s as easy as doing the same things that you do while you’re at home. If you would like to hear some tips, let me know in the comments! Keep reading to hear about my first experience at Crossfit Carteret.

Crossfit Carteret

The owners, Todd, in the center in red, and Rhonda, to the left in white. Also shown: my gnarly tears from the heavy deadlift WOD that day.

For me, the main key to that was finding somewhere that I could work out. I did some googling, trying to find a gym down here that at least had a bootcamp or Crossfit-type class offered. I didn’t even THINK to check the affiliates page (using the simple little dropdown menu on the lefthand side!) because this area is very…laid back. There isn’t a super big city scene, no boardwalk, no carnival, and not even very many bars. I just figured that Crossfit wouldn’t reach this far into nothingness. Well, after about 3 minutes of googling, Crossfit Carteret popped up. I found them on facebook, went to their website, and decided to grow the balls and get in there for some workouts. That way, even though I might not make progress because of eating differently, I at least wouldn’t do any back-sliding.

Don’t let anyone try to tell you that walking into a new Crossfit box isn’t intimidating. I still feel butterflies on the way to the two boxes that I work out at regularly while at home. Showing up at new box is definitely a challenge in mental strength, especially when you’re still less than a year in. I had emailed with Todd, one of the co-owners, about coming in and he said I was absolutely welcome and that out-of-towners worked out for free. That was the first A+ selling point for me, and I think really shows their character. When I showed up, Todd was working with some Crossfit Teens (his girlfriend and co-owner Rhonda’s gorgeous twin daughters), but greeted me with a huge smile and said to start warming and he’d be over to chat in a minute.

I started working on my double-unders (which were lacking, at the time), and within three or four attempts, just about every person who was there for the workout had come over and introduced themselves and asked about where I was from and how long I’m in town for. A+ number two. Todd came over and chatted for a bit, asking about my experience, and then we started the workout. Todd’s coaching is very thorough, making sure to touch on the key points of the lifts, and the reasons why they are important. He paid attention to each person, correcting form and emphasizing speed, demonstrating where needed. Before the actual workout, he explained each movement, how the rounds would go, and made sure that each person was ready before starting the clock, which was awesome, because I just about always have to pee before each WOD (workout of the day)…my excited butterflies stir everything up!

Throughout the WOD, Todd walked around, reminding us of the time, pushing us to give it everything we have, that there were only a few more reps, that our pace was good and to keep it up, the usual coach support, but also using our names for a bit of a personal push. He had programmed an awesome workout, and at the end I left with two of their t-shirts and a pair of Crossfit Carteret WOD socks (compression socks with extra padding in the front for protection from rope climbs and lifts…and super stylish). I joined them for two more WODs that week, two the following week that I was down, and have already been there once this week.

Todd and Rhonda run an amazing box and have really wonderful people training under them. They pushed me, I felt comfortable pushing them, and I really feel like I have made some friends down here because of it. I think I would have to say that it is my all-around favorite Crossfit box I’ve worked out at. I highly recommend Crossfit Carteret to anyone passing through the Atlantic Beach/Morehead City/Beaufort/Emerald Isle parts of the outer banks in North Carolina. I can’t wait to get back in there this afternoon!

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